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without speaking

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Stephen shook his head, mutely protesting that indeed he had other business to do for his life.
Because if you care much about riches, you will never go and marry a poor man," said Jo, frowning at Laurie, who was mutely warning her to mind what she said.
Davouassoux, more than eighty years old, contemplated the mournful remains mutely and with a vacant eye, for his intelligence and his memory were torpid with age; but Couttet's faculties were still perfect at seventy-two, and he exhibited strong emotion.
Silas received the message mutely, and then turned away from the messengers to work at his loom again.
Sheathing my bloody blade I advanced toward my Martian Princess, who still stood mutely gazing at me without sign of recognition.
At its door a dozen hats and bonnets were doffed to us, as many heads were humbly bowed, and as many hands extended, appealing for pennies--appealing with foreign words we could not understand, but appealing mutely, with sad eyes, and sunken cheeks, and ragged raiment, that no words were needed to translate.
He had never known another, and so to Kala was given, though mutely, all that would have belonged to the fair and lovely Lady Alice had she lived.
Thus Celia, mutely bending over her tapestry, until she heard her sister calling her.
This comes after Karen has stalked the mourning writer to the recently deceased Suzanne's grave and harangued him with her life story as he mutely swigs from a bottle of Bushmills.
A succinct fusion of the rarefied and the quotidian, it mutely avers that value lies in the doing as much as in what gets done.
Walentin, with unkempt hair and watery eyes, is stuck in a wheelchair, mutely glaring at the world and lashing out at caregivers.
Earlier the teenager told how Bone sat mutely on a sofa as her daughter was banged against a wall and floor and shaken.
These visages are exposed in every sense of the word, but the violation is also literally faced and mutely resisted.
There's a ritualistic quality to each encounter, with mother, daughter and victim all sitting round a central hearth, with Yumie doing most of the talking and Emiko staring mutely at the man.