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soundless Eurasian swan

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Numerous mute swans have been living at the lake for years, but the much rarer black swans were spotted by Hemlington grandmother Lynne Sibley.
The mute swan is protected by a law known as "the Royal Prerogative", meaning it is a criminal offence to harm it or damage its nests or eggs.
The Fund for Animals had sued USFWS claiming it violated the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) by removing the mute swan from the list of birds protected by the act.
In Maryland, wildlife officials are following their state's original plan to reduce the mute swan population by addling eggs and shooting as many as 1,000 of them this spring, though animal activists managed to get the program temporarily put on hold.
The mute swan population in the UK is believed to be more than 26,000 - double the number recorded in the 1978 survey - and they are not under threat but the NFA have been concerned for a number of years about swan incidents on fisheries where the governing body has no controlling influence.
Completing the trio is Mute Swan (John Gosden), who beats Yarra Glen (Charlie Nelson/John Reid) in the 10-furlong maiden.
He watched a male mute swan attack a resident male and eventually drive him away from his territory, his mate, and four 2-month-old cygnets.
Mute swan One of the largest flying birds in the world, weighing up to 20lbs.
It is an offence to take or possess the egg of a wild mute swan, or to damage or destroy the nest of a mute swan whilst in use or being built.
I can truthfully say that I did not receive one serious injury from a breeding male or female mute swan, just the odd 'wing-bash' on the legs or buttocks or scratches from their sharp claws which leave life-long white scars - which we always regarded as trophies
A training day and mentoring is planned, so if you can identify a mute swan and can count in multiples of 10, why not join this special band of birders?
The mystery deaths have wiped out 15% of the city's mute swan population of just 200.
The Whooper is bigger, only slightly shorter than our ubiquitous Mute swan.
Other species noted that day included male and female pheasants, mute swan, black headed gull, tufted duck, crow, wood pigeon, collared dove, poc hard, coot, mallard, moor hen, dun nock, great tit, chaffinch, blue tit, robin, marsh tit, coal tit and Canada goose.