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Synonyms for mute

Synonyms for mute

temporarily unable or unwilling to speak, as from shock or fear

lacking the power or faculty of speech

to decrease or dull the sound of

to make or become less severe or extreme

Synonyms for mute

a deaf person who is unable to speak

a device used to soften the tone of a musical instrument

deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping

expressed without speech

unable to speak because of hereditary deafness

References in classic literature ?
'"During the year she has attained great dexterity in the use of the manual alphabet of the deaf mutes; and she spells out the words and sentences which she knows, so fast and so deftly, that only those accustomed to this language can follow with the eye the rapid motions of her fingers.
Porthos and Aramis, mute and trembling at the top of the parapet, cried to the musketeer, "Good D'Artagnan, take care!"
As to the officer, now grown mute again, he had full time for meditation.
As when of old som Orator renound In ATHENS or free ROME, where Eloquence Flourishd, since mute, to som great cause addrest, Stood in himself collected, while each part, Motion, each act won audience ere the tongue, Somtimes in highth began, as no delay Of Preface brooking through his Zeal of Right.
Great are thy Vertues, doubtless, best of Fruits, Though kept from Man, & worthy to be admir'd, Whose taste, too long forborn, at first assay Gave elocution to the mute, and taught The Tongue not made for Speech to speak thy praise: Thy praise hee also who forbids thy use, Conceales not from us, naming thee the Tree Of Knowledge, knowledge both of good and evil; Forbids us then to taste, but his forbidding Commends thee more, while it inferrs the good By thee communicated, and our want: For good unknown, sure is not had, or had And yet unknown, is as not had at all.
So rose the DANITE strong HERCULEAN SAMSON from the Harlot-lap Of PHILISTEAN DALILAH, and wak'd Shorn of his strength, They destitute and bare Of all thir vertue: silent, and in face Confounded long they sate, as struck'n mute, Till ADAM, though not less then EVE abasht, At length gave utterance to these words constraind.
Mute swans are our iconic waterbirds, famed for forming that perfect heart with their necks when they meet up face to face.
Mute is about a man who showed the underworld that actions speak louder than words.
New insider info revealed that Apple may be planning to remake the mute switch mechanism on the iPhone 11 Max, according to ( iPhonehacks .
I was fortunate the other day to watch the remarkable mating dance of the mute swan.
In a paper published in the journal Zootaxa, the researchers said the mute cricket belongs to the genusParanisitra, a group of wingless, long-legged crickets found mainly in the Philippines.
He is mute. But he can communicate,' the pope told hundreds of pilgrims.
Furthermore, they are, I might suggest, even more graceful than the heavier mute swans, especially in the air.
The film penned and helmed by Duncan Jones, streaming on Netflix, centers on protagonist Leo (Alexander Skarsgard), who was rendered mute after a childhood accident.