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Synonyms for mutate

Synonyms for mutate

to make or become different

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undergo mutation

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And he believes people will besiege GP surgeries looking for vaccines if the HN51 strain of bird flu mutates into a virus which can spread between humans.
But progress on an anti-HIV vaccine has crawled; partially because the virus mutates rapidly and each new strain makes old vaccines obsolete.
Experts are no longer talking of wiping out the disease, but of containing it before it mutates.
Colon polyps form when the cells within the crypt mutate, producing excess cell replication.
For the first time, the researchers have been able to mutate the H5N1 strain of avian influenza so that it can be transmitted easily through the air in coughs and sneezes.
Once a circuit is working almost as he wants, instead of the engineers' refining the design again and again, Weiss permits the DNA to mutate and lets a lab-made version of natural selection do the hard work.
They identified which amino acids are most likely to mutate.
According to him, the key to fighting spam and HIV is the same - find the part that absolutely can't mutate - what he calls the Achilles' heel - and attack there.
In their study report, the scientists point out that there are 16 subtypes of avian influenza, some of which can mutate into forms that can infect humans by swapping proteins on their surface with proteins from human influenza viruses.
A dietary deficiency in an essential trace mineral may cause a usually harmless strain of the flu to mutate into a virulent pathogen.
Cancer mutates rapidly, and the changes probably would have arisen regardless of treatment.