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Synonyms for mutant

Synonyms for mutant

(biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration

an animal that has undergone mutation

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During one skirmish, cannon-fire breaks the stone seal, unleashing hordes of mutants which swarm the globe, dragging victims into the machine to swell enemy ranks.
The results show that social interaction with younger members of the species confers physiological benefits at least in mutant fruit flies, said lead author of the paper, Chun-Fang Wu, professor of biology at the University of Iowa.
We start with the execution of an instrumented mutant using a test case that kills the selected mutant.
The threshold concentrations for detection of wild-types and mutants were [10.
But the main problem that has bedeviled the ``X-Men'' movies -- too many characters -- isn't of Ratner's making, and given that ``The Last Stand'' adds even more mutants to the mix while lopping a good half-hour off the running time, it's hard to lay all the blame on Ratner for the film's sketchiness.
When they treated the same flies with hydrogen peroxide, however, they found that the DJ-1[beta] mutants were extremely susceptible to early death.
To measure low proportions of mutant heteroplasmy, we designed mismatched primers for an amplification refractory mutation system (ARMS) assay.
The screen is not only lit up by the cast but the special effects are amazing and bring the mutants powers alive.
Director Bryan Singer affords himself a great deal more time to flesh out characters from the first adventure and introduce a host of new mutants, without skimping on substance or style.
CLAW BLIMEY: Mutant Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) slashes out at soldiers in X-Men 2
This strain of her work--high-tech objects and mutant fashion photography--has been marketably cute and immensely successful.
Horizontal streaks, overlapping the vertical streaks, using both mutant strains and control strains, were made.
An X-Men PlayStation game, X-Men: Mutant Academy, will also launch on the same day.
Brown spot disease on green beans can be prevented by--strangely enough--a mutant strain of the very bacterium that causes the disease.