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any agent (physical or environmental) that can induce a genetic mutation or can increase the rate of mutation

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Induction of abasic sites by the drinking-water mutagen MX in Salmonella TA100.
She was giving a keynote presentation on 'Environmental Carcinogens: Exposure and Impacts on Children's Health,' at the Sixth International Conference on Environmental Mutagens in Human Populations.
However, many studies have shown that the presence of mutagens in drinking water is due not only to different pollution sources but also to disinfection treatment.
The major advantages of plants that should be considered in mutagen screening and monitoring are summarized in Table (2).
Preparation of mutagen : Amino acid pyrolyzate (Trp-P1) was used as mutagen.
A physical mutagen (gamma rays) was employed for the treatment of scions.
The antimutagenic potency was expressed as an inhibition factor (IF) calculated as IF = (number of mutagen induced revertants in the presence of the sample)/(number of mutagen induced revertants).
Specifically, the company added four different human cultured cells to NESMAGET in order to identify mutagens in food with a higher accuracy.
While uncovering a bog-standard plot, in which giant spiders have infected a town's inhabitants with a mutagen, you find Rayne has some great moves.
Adriamycin (doxorubicin hydrochloride), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), ICR 191 acridine mutagen (6-chloro-9-[3-(2-chloroethylamino)propylamino]-2-methoxyacridine),[N .
These data should have been presented, because the hydrolysis rates are important for understanding the lifetime of the reactive chemical mutagen in solution, since most of the mutagen is actually degraded in treatment solutions by the hydrolysis reaction.
We don't know if the conversion of stevioside to steviol to a mutagen happens in humans," says Huxtable.
It has been identified as a potent mutagen but the extent by which it could cause mutations in living cells was not known.
fruits were tested against two direct-acting mutagens NPD and sodium azide and the S9-dependent mutagen 2-aminofluorene (AF-2) in Salmonella tester strains.