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the quality of being capable of mutation

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They are about the unexpectedness and mutability of the world.
11) Browning's monologues capture just this reciprocal connection between "self' and "setting," but his emphasis on the mutability of travel and of thought questions whether the self-conceptions formed through journeying (or through experience more generally) can ever be "lasting.
Catherine Gimelli Martin's essay probes the ways Shakespeare's plays--Othello and Much Ado are explicated in detail--and Donne's love lyrics express the desire to transcend change and mutability.
In Chapter II, 'The Authorship of the Reader', Cornish analyzes the volgarizzamenti's tradition, dictated less by the faithfulness to the original than by the mutability of the vernacular.
It is in these moments-contrasting human mutability with the awesome, almost absolute power of nature--that The Other Side of the Ice finds its true power.
A theme that emerges, however, is that those who defend traditional teaching in a traditional style are acutely aware of the dire consequences of conceding divine mutability, as can appear to be required by the notion of God's suffering.
I am trying to bring it to life and activate the space so it can be more like a real public space, subject to fiction, mutability and idiosyncratic uses by multiple people.
The unique honour recognises her body of work, which culminated in her latest book of verse, Of Mutability, which was named Costa Book of the Year.
The unique honour recognises her body of work which culminated in her latest book of verse, Of Mutability, which was named Costa Book of the Year.
Mutability is indeed the operative word in Rockburne's oeuvre, and David Anfam, in his essay "The Harmony of the World" searches for the "thread" that connects Rockburne's seemingly disparate styles: Ineinander Group (1971), made with crude oil and cup grease; the chromatic opulence of the Pascal Group (1986-88) and the gyrating curves, arabesques and ellipses of her later works.
Precision seems unlikely, mutability less so, but reflection suggests that the most impressive thing about the ratio of top to bottom tenths of after-tax incomes in Canada over the last 60 years has been its constancy.
You mutability, your main astral quality, means that you can ebb and flow in your moods, but this is not a time to hum and hah but to get stuck in and show what an absolute one off you are.
Amid an explosion of colours, there is an alluring Klum who displays her great talent for mutability by condensing multiple archetypes of femininity -- " as a moody mistress, seductive vamp and modern witch", the publishing house said.
Another way to study centrality is to look at the mutability or changeability of the characteristic.
I play with ideas that concern signs of identity, history, moving transitions, self-construction and mutability.