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Synonyms for musty

Synonyms for musty

Synonyms for musty

covered with or smelling of mold


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stale and unclean smelling

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Musty beach towels: Nothing is worse than a smelly, musty towel.
Brenda Thompson of Tri-Country Home Nursing said all those old books and papers, linens and clothes collect dust and dampness over years, giving musty odour that can pervade the whole house.
Rewind four hours and David Mustow, or Musty as he is known throughout the weighing room, is already at the track.
As such, rates are not normally negotiable," says Richard Musty, managing director of Lloyds TSB in the Middle East.
She felt it had a musty, damp smell and ordered a six-month supply of her favourite Scent 1 products.
The Middleton defence of Andy MacNab, George Musty, Kyle Bruce, Cain James, and Ryan Garnon, along with midfielder Jake Richardson, were outstanding under some tremendous pressure with nearly everyone putting in a performance to be proud of.
Richard Musty, managing director for Lloyds TSB Middle East, said a resolution on Dubai World was important for the region to demonstrate it can deal with its financial difficulties.
This action is a follow-up to a product recall that McNeil Consumer Healthcare originally announced on January 15, 2010, which was initiated following consumer complaints of a musty or moldy odor, which has been linked to the presence of trace amounts of a chemical called 2,4,6-tribromoanisole (TBA).
High humidity promotes mold growth and also causes musty odors in living areas above the crawl space.
The chocolate had that musty smell, as though it had been opened and left sitting untouched in its wrapper for too long.
Crazy Naked Girls is a laboured one-liner, Mt a musty letdown and Cardiff In The Sun a less than elegant stab at electro-prog.
Joey James, Stirling KEEP tents and sleeping bags smelling fresh, and stop them going musty when not in use, by pouring some cat litter into an old sock, tying the end and placing inside the bag or tent.
It was bland, had musty aftertaste and the sauce was watery too.
Prevent musty suitcases (put a sheet in empty luggage before storing)
to re-deploy some of our mortgage team into other key roles within the business," said consumer banking director Richard Musty.