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an annual phase of heightened sexual excitement in the males of certain large mammals (especially elephants)

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We categorised samples as those collected from musth or non-musth bulls according to the occurrence of common physical signs of musth (i.
The hope is that the older males will be able to suppress the musth in the younger ones and teach them to behave.
The reason for the hind limbs being more susceptible was probably the way the male elephants are hobbled during musth at the hind legs over the same place for a considerable length of time without provisions for cleaning the excreta.
If the elephants are having musth (a period when elephants display highly aggressive behaviour), then we remove the elephant from the list, because it is a very important fair.
When we walked up to the fallen elephant, Carl showed me that by the bull's strong smell and physical condition the answer was obvious: He was in musth, the equivalent of the whitetail's rut.
Electric toothbrush (nearly half of people say they are a musth ave.
Hunting may have lowered the number of male mastodons in the region, thereby reducing competition and the frequency of musth battles.
But ten to one, when there is a case like this the animal is in musth.
Stockley said that as the elephants grow older they must be handled particularly carefully during certain periods of enhanced sexual drive, known as musth.
Musth is a recurrent condition in male elephants which is, characterized by highly aggressive behaviour and accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones.
Forest rangers have also recorded assorted physical features of the animal such as the condition of its eyes and ears, medical history, season of Musth (when tuskers become aggressive during mating season) and name of the veterinary doctor who attends to the animal regularly.
As bull elephants reach maturity they experience musth, a massive testosterone boost which makes them very unpredictable.
To make a bad situation worse, he was in musth - a dangerous time where bull elephants become randy, aggressive and pumped full of hormones.
Musth is typically the only time an Asian elephant secretes much liquid from glands on its temples.
You also have to separate adult bulls from the rest because they can be extremely unpredictable when they are in a condition called musth, which is triggered by the glands behind their ears.