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It cast a gloom over the boat, there being no mustard.
A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2004 found that Indians who ate mustard oil had lower incidences of heart disease, possibly because of its alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that is found in plants.
Key Words: Chromosome number; Karyotype analysis; Karyotype formula; Tuber mustard
Mustard has been in superb form in 40-over cricket recently, scoring two centuries in his last four innings as Durham swaggered into the last four of the competition.
By the Middle ages mustard was the indispensable meat condiment in all of northern Europe.
And she was right: Her grandmother's recipe was an instant success at high-end outlets like the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs, so she started making beer mustard, pepper jelly and other products.
The successful spread of garlic mustard is due to its ability to reproduce effectively (Cruden et al.
Keeping in line with its brand proposition of taste and innovation, Del Monte has launched its all new mustard sauce in a 480gm attractive squeezy pack.
Link and Stryjewski said they began developing the recipe for the whole grain mustard when they realized they could produce a better product for their restaurant needs.
The shell was disabled by Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel on Thursday, but it emerged yesterday that two members of the team later developed skin symptoms similar to those associated with exposure to sulphur mustard - mustard gas.
Garlic mustard is an invasive plant that gets a lot of attention," says ecologist Adam Davis, who has been studying the weed for years.
This indeed is an extremely hot, blowyour-head-off style of mustard.
At 10% (w/w) NDH mustard flour, AIT generated by the endogenous enzyme myrosinase in the flour killed 3 log cfu per g of E.
Scientists in Iran used mustard protein isolate to fortify pasta.