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I daresay both Harris and I would have tried to back out of the bargain after we had got the mustard.
It cast a gloom over the boat, there being no mustard.
When he came back all inconvenient emotion had been disposed of, and, having delivered a box of the hottest mustard procurable for money, he departed to "blow up" Mac, that being his next duty in his opinion.
French's continues its century-long dedication to producing only the highest quality products by introducing French's Tomato Ketchup with no high-fructose corn syrup and two new mustard variations with exciting, on-trend flavors: French's Sweet Yellow Mustard with a touch of brown sugar and French's Spicy Yellow Mustard with cayenne pepper.
The new Chai Street will be the fifth outlet from the team behind Mint and Mustard and is just doors away from the Purple Poppadom, which is run by Mint and Mustard's former chef Anand George.
The Tracklements line consists of Whole Grain Mustard, Beer Mustard, Florseradish Mustard, and the newest offering, Balsamic Mustard.
Considering these facts present investigation was conducted to quantify the effects of wild mustard on growth and grain yield of wheat under varying rates of nitrogen application.
The Woodland Collection too is available for purchase in an intriguing wooden box and is packed full of woody and nutty flavours, from Walnut Oil to Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Morel Mushrooms.
Believed to have originated in Himalayas, mustard has been employed as an herb, a spice and for medical purposes by the Indians, Chinese and Arabs--the best mustard still comes from Egypt--for millennia.
Stoneman hit Wayne White for five fours in the fourth over before Mustard pulled Oliver Newby for six at the start of the fifth.
A farmer, Mohammed Asla said, "If you see these mustard fields, they look beautiful at this time.
In 1981, this Bible verse served as the inspiration for The Mustard Seed--a residential ministry that provides adults with developmental disabilities a Christian environment that encourages personal growth and meets their spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.
And eaterie Mrs Mustard, seems to be, er, really cutting the mustard, with its quirky condiment link.
We checked it out this week and it certainly does cut the mustard.
com specializes in gourmet meats for the grill like bratwursts and old fashioned hot dogs, as well as Wisconsin-made toppings for both sides of the condiment debate including gourmet ketchup and fancy mustard.