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a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

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Wrangell Island.--Our study is the 1st to survey for amphibians in Earl West Cove, Middle Ridge Cabin, Muskeg Meadows, Salamander Creek, and Thoms Lake on Wrangell Island.
Months after returning to the hustle, bustle, and convenient comforts of home, you'll lie awake at night and remember frost on blueberries and the suction of the muskeg at your boots.
Gemini Corporation, a sourcing, inspecting and logistics company with its head office in Canada, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding shares of Muskeg Environmental Consulting Ltd.
The Falcon River is the outlet of Falcon Lake some 10 kilometres to the west and also drains much of the muskeg area in between.
Adult and nymphal cixiids were sampled by hand, aspirator, and sweep net in the wetland around Headquarters Lake, Soldotna, Alaska (N 60[degrees]27'35" W 151[degrees]03,58,i), at least weekly from May 28, when soils in the muskeg were still partly frozen, until the first fall frost on September 20, 2013.
Meanwhile, the leaks have contaminated forest and muskeg along with the lake and surrounding groundwater, soaking a surface area of more than 13 ha in heavy oil.--Janet Kimantas
A Dene Tha' field technician who visited the site on June 6 noted that all plants and trees affected by the spill had died, and that the contamination had saturated the muskeg in the area.
The rest of the magazine offers a wide-range of stories and news--from methylmercury contamination to muskeg mop-ups--for you to peruse, whether you are chilling at the cottage or beach or taking a break from your laboratory labours.
Separated from the rest of Alberta by 200 kilometers of muskeg and northern woods, accessed from the south only by an uncertain wagon road, larger than California, just as large in the imagination of those seeking land of their own, lay the Peace Country.
Muskeg Saves the Day" is a children's picture book about the life of a rescued baby Maine moose named Muskeg.
In this boreal area, the ground from thousands of years of composting melds into a spongy, fibrous muck called muskeg. Muskeg forms in various thicknesses on top of water and makes maneuvering through these areas difficult, to say the least.
The first was the incredibly inhospitable terrain and weather during the survey of the boundary from the northwestern-most point of Lake of the Woods, due south to the 49th parallel, and then, during the winter of 1872-73, the marking of the parallel itself between Lake of the Woods and the Red River, much of it through swamp and muskeg. A second difficulty was Commissioner Cameron's desire to devise a change in the boundary in order to retain the anomalous peninsula of the Northwest Angle for Canada, despite the specific language of the Treaty of Paris ending the American War of Independence, and the subsequent fixing of the northwestern-most point of the Lake of the Woods in 1825 by the Boundary Commission under Article VII of the Treaty of Ghent.
In what Douglas Brinkley hails in his introduction as the "greatest engineering feat of the Second World War," the 97th finished its 194-mile section more than a year ahead of schedule, despite the severity of extreme weather; mosquitoes, mud, permafrost, and muskeg; segregation issues; and inadequate clothing and shelter--especially harsh for men who had entered the Corps in the Deep South.
20 at the Petersburg Community Gym and organized by the painting group Muskeg Maleriers.