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any of several cultivated grapevines that produce sweet white grapes

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I have worked with Safariland for many years and am confident that, together, we will continue to create extraordinary solutions to best meet the needs of our customers and make our communities safer," said Muskat.
Cognitive--behavioral group counseling (Larkin & Thyer, 1999; Parton & Manby, 2009), interpersonal group counseling (Mishna & Muskat, 2004), and SFBT (Newsome, 2005) demonstrated a range of small to very large effects on problem behaviors.
In 1997, when Muskat served as Jac Pac's CEO and a 37% shareholder, Jac Pac was approached by Corporate Brand Foods America Inc.
Barbara Muskat, PhD, is director of social work, the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.
CREDITS: A Magnolia Pictures release of a Muskat Filmed Properties and Dogfish Pictures presentation in association with Lankn Partners, Dreambridge Films, the Bear Media and Rough House Pictures.
In the field of developmental neuropsychology, Brazil has produced an extensive body of literature on aging (Azambuja, 2007; Charchat-Fichman, Caramelli, Sameshima, & Nitrini 2005; Machado, Ribeiro, Leal, & Cotta, 2007; Malloy-Diniz, Lasmar, Gazinelli, Fuentes, & Salgado, 2007) and childhood (Guimaraes, Ciasca, & Moura-Ribeiro, 2002; Mello, Miranda, & Muskat, 2005; Salles, Parente, & Freitas, 2010; Santos, 2005).
The fact that it wasn't just a matter of sending out emails or signing petitions, which is sort of the standard, but it was tied rather to planting actual trees is kind of a novelty," says Greenpeace Poland Director Maciej Muskat.
The place belongs to the Imaum of Muskat, whose nominal revenue from it is about four thousand German crowns [Mary Theresas]; but it is not always paid.
Hunnakko said First Nation chiefs from Red Rock and Muskat Dam have visited and he's taken meetings with the Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund and Fed-Nor officials.
Guest speakers include: Elizabeth Muskat, director, head of commercial project management, LeFrak Organization; Gloria Guillo, procurement officer of capital projects, NYCHA; Lisa Kiell, managing director, Jones Lang LaSalle; Cindy Boyea, CPM, RPA, property manager, Paramount Group, Inc.
Team members are, from left, Teddy Willey, Sven Gustafson, Cody Cook, Austin Hart, Galen Muskat and the team's coach, Chuck Bates.
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Muskat and Wyckof (1935) [1] systematically studied the mechanism of bottom-water driving.
4 show, Ken Muskat, host and vice president-sales for Royal Caribbean, will feature a show called CraftsmanSHIP -- how the newest cruise ships are built.