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any of several cultivated grapevines that produce sweet white grapes

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Cognitive--behavioral group counseling (Larkin & Thyer, 1999; Parton & Manby, 2009), interpersonal group counseling (Mishna & Muskat, 2004), and SFBT (Newsome, 2005) demonstrated a range of small to very large effects on problem behaviors.
Team members are, from left, Teddy Willey, Sven Gustafson, Cody Cook, Austin Hart, Galen Muskat and the team's coach, Chuck Bates.
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Muskat and Wyckof (1935) [1] systematically studied the mechanism of bottom-water driving.
4 show, Ken Muskat, host and vice president-sales for Royal Caribbean, will feature a show called CraftsmanSHIP -- how the newest cruise ships are built.
It remains unclear if the Muskat brothers plan to develop the hotel themselves or sell the land to a developer after their plans are fully approved.
The purchase agreement included $15 million allocated to Jac Pac's goodwill and required Muskat to execute a mutually satisfactory noncompete agreement.
Employment lawyer MICHAEL MUSKAT, on the possible ramifications of a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision regarding workplace refrigerator cleaning.
The American world music duo consists of former Gogol Bordello member Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat of Firewater and Big Lazy.
Finally, the LINGENFELDER 2004 MORIO MUSKAT (Oddbins, pounds 7.
Muskat M (1937) 'The flow of homogeneous fluids through porous media.
59 n Bee Label Morio Muskat 2003: What better way to relax after buzzing around all day, than a glass of this fruity sweetness?
Muskat, Substantive Justice and State Interests in the Aftermath of Herrera v.
Strongin, Pinchasik, Strongin, Muskat, Stein & Co.
Alan Muskat has persuaded thousands to sample rather than trample the toadstools.