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artistry in performing music

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Their pedigree, forged in small-time metal bands, shines through in musicianship and their ear for a solo.
Musicianship or being musical is a relative and personal concept.
We question what impact, if any, the interaction between musicianship and aging has on preattentive neurophysiological processing of sound for older adults.
Outstanding Musicianship Awards are presented to six students, two from each band.
Do we as performers and teachers of voice spend enough time on musicianship skills?
Mark (1996) tells us that, "comprehensive musicianship is the term used to describe the interdisciplinary study of music" (p.
Speaking of musicianship of the highest quality Louis Benedetti out of Florida USA is back with a summer belter of a track this week.
What results is this guide: a definitive guide to the Beatles 100 best tunes based on merit, songwriting, musicianship and other standards.
Yet Adventures in Paradise's exotic bird noises and camp camouflage virtuoso musicianship. A cover of jazz great Lee Morgan's "Totem Pole" showcases a mesmerizing sax-trumpet dialogue, while the sleek violin of "Mood Indigo" would please Duke Ellington himself.
Despite Polly Perry's pure vocal and some fine musicianship, the set leaves very little impression at all.
To hear the whole piece in a proper context would be fine, but here it just seemed to be an opportunity to indulge in virtuosic display in fact unnecessary after the consummate musicianship displayed throughout the evening..
In all, a demonstration of fine musicianship, animating the difficult tunings of a true American maverick.
Part of the original wave of British punk bands to emerge in the 1970s, their skilled musicianship, intelligent songwriting, boundless energy and passionate idealism caught the spirit of the times and made them a worldwide phenomenon.
Overall, Los Amigos Invisibles are becoming an appreciated institution with no heavy baggage, just light no-holds barred fun that streams out with excellent musicianship and an appreciation for the past.
The late Virginia Parker Moore established the prize in 1982 for young performers of classical music under the age of 32 who demonstrate outstanding talent and musicianship. Mercer received the prize at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival's closing gala concert in August.