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in a musical manner


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She was talking rapidly, musically, and with exceptionally correct articulation and expressive intonation.
She grins when he is most musically fervid, and--yes, Mr.
The rich foliage of the trees, the luxuriant grass diversified with wild flowers, the little green islands in the river, the beds of rushes, the water-lilies floating on the surface of the stream, the distant voices in boats borne musically towards him on the ripple of the water and the evening air, were all expressive of rest.
As he mounted, the call or song began to sound in his ears again, and, looking above, he saw the face of the little creature looking down out of a Glory of her long bright radiant hair, and musically repeating to him, like a vision:
Smangle a gentle intimation, through the medium of the water-jug, that his audience was not musically disposed.
Interstellar Overdrive'' from that debut album musically visualizes outer space.
We're told Drizzy has taken Lew - who turned 30 this week - under his wing and is giving him a helping hand musically.
According to the Medical News Today article, "Musical training 'improves executive brain function" published on June 22, a recent study used "functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to analyze the brains of 15 children ages 9-12 who were musically trained, alongside 12 children of the same age who were not musically trained.
Gb and colleagues compared 15 musically trained children, 9 to 12, with a control group of 12 untrained children of the same age.
Contract Services for Fountain Operation and Preventive Maintenance Service of the Musically Gyrating Dancing Fountain at the Paseo del Mar, this city
Reader said: "My family roots lie in music and both my sons are very musically minded too.
The song is part of his new album, and the lyrics are by poet Nizar Francis, composed by Samir Safeir and musically distributed by Tarek Madkour.
It's recognisable as a melodic SFA record, but is very focused musically as a cohesive album.
The music is lively and positively toe-tapping as Downing musically celebrates penguins, crawfish, clams, amphibians, hermit crabs, seahorses, turtles, stingrays, sharks, and the circle of life in the seas, in the ocean, in the Amazon river, and in aquariums.
But the UK market is set to shrink almost 20% this year, according to music consultancy MusicAlly.