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And if students' dancing becomes too even or robotic, nothing gives an instant boost to their musicality like a pop tune on the piano--as long as it's not too distracting.
Sonatine Secrets, A Creative Approach to Developing Technique and Musicality by Joy J.
It is followed by Part 1, seven chapters that address the evolutionary and neurologic basis of musicality within social relationships.
Keywords: music, musicality, relaxation, biofeedback, behavioral medicine, extraversion, neuroticism
With additional interviews and research into music, race and gender, Gaunt describes the handclapping, cheers and dances not only as transference of oral patterns and body-conscious musicality among girls, but also as the most elementary forms of "learned musical blackness" In thoughtful and affectionate prose, Gaunt makes plain how the schoolyard syncopations of body and voice are both oral-kinetic play and (with boys watching on and sometimes jumping in) improvised lessons in socializing girls into the unique social practices of black urban life.
As soon as the cameras stopped rolling after Musicality, Rebecca was immediately lined up for a Saturday Night Fever audition and beat 50 wannabes with her rendition of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now to land the role of Tony's girlfriend.
Sollars, 20, was one of the winners of the television show, Musicality, in which performers competed to win roles in the West End show Chicago.
As one of the winners of the reality show Musicality, she has felt the glow of the spotlight and the thrill of applause.
It's all down to a TV show called Musicality, to talent and bags of sheer hard work.
But if you didn't catch it on S4C last night, don't miss Musicality this week.
The show will also feature a special performance from the winners of new Channel 4 series Musicality on November 25.
Reflecting on the Pulitzer Prize-winning source novel by Alice Walker, he adds, "There's a musicality to the language, to what Alice wrote.
He gives the audience so much to think about--his remarkable athleticism, musicality, precision, humor, intensity and snappy attire.
There is in fact a prominent musicality that informs the structure of works such as Click or On a clear day I can usually see all the way to Watts (all works 2001)--not just in the particular chordlike progression of the grids or in the subtle, steady shifts in palette, but also in the measured cadences in which the dexterous artist applies his squares of foil and paper to the canvas.
Isabel Bayrakdarian's meltingly beautiful vocalism, astute musicality and touching characterization as Pamina were most impressive.