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I Want To Wash My Hands was assembled by the BCHU with the help of a group of musical physicians who play the musical theme based on the Beatles melody of I Want to Hold Your Hand.
There are postcards which reflected musical theme too.
35pm There is a musical theme to tonight's edition and Jonathan Ross had better be on his best behaviour when he interviews legendary soul singer Al Green.
Add the haunting musical theme that accompanies the avenging Charles Bronson and a top-notch performance by a grizzled Jason Robards and you have a spaghetti western that is nigh-on perfect.
They will have a different musical theme on each day with rock, Liverpool Then and Liverpool Now stages, tribute acts covering modern bands, and a Beatles stage.
THE musical theme at the weekend on my radio show was an evening of covers - everything from Jose Feliciano v The Doors to light your fire, competition between the Beatles and Oasis as to who really was the walrus, and (definitive, this one) whether John Lennon could Twist and Shout better than the Isley Brothers.
Initially known for his work as musical director for Ruben Blades' 1980s backup group Seis del Solar, he also came to wide attention as composer of the musical theme for HBO's ``Sex and the City.
At 10:30, Elisabeth Platel, herself a much-admired former etoile, dressed in high heels and an elegant black suit, comes onstage to welcome the audience and to announce that Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty has been chosen as this year's musical theme.
THE Fly on the Wall has picked up the musical theme this week, reporting a sighting of Newmarket's grand master of the gallops, Peter Amos, heading as if to Glastonbury.
Even the Rio city government is getting in on the act, recently announcing it will spend $25 million to build Samba City, a musical theme park with shops, restaurants and concerts.
The nine "regular" participants were occasionally joined by staff and family members in acting out such "adventures" as a trip to Ireland or a visit to the seashore, with swimming motions, walking, and other movements following the musical theme.
It "uses the musical theme of the `Confutatis Maledictis' from Mozart's Requiem.
Joanna Hodge provides an analysis of the Wittgensteinian question of the relationship between understanding a sentence and understanding a musical theme in addition to addressing the issue of the relationship between aesthetics and the philosophy of art.
Opryland USA, a musical theme park in Nashville, invited the ACF to plant several sprouts at the attraction's hotel last spring.
The television campaign has a similar musical theme as the recently introduced radio spot and weaves the history of Stroh's through four ads.