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a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing

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Many musical theater dancers pursue a BFA (jazz concentration) and a musical theater minor.
Training opportunities for classical voice and musical theater are varied.
The 2013 National High School Musical Theater Awards participating theater organizations and their Nominees:
Music that Sohlberg loves includes a range of contemporary musical theater ("Wicked," "Seussical," "Next to Normal" and "Edges") as well as some from as a growing genre of cabaret music written in musical theater style but not attached specifically to a show (think Laurence O'Keefe and Kirsten Guenther's "Accident Prone").
Forman is proud of Valley Music School students' academic and professional success, she's also proud of the summer musical theater workshop's impact on local schools.
Anytime you learn a new role, whether it's musical theater or opera, it's training your muscles to the way that piece of music requires you to work.
Ken Stone, age 51, is a bookwriter and lyricist in musical theater, and holds a degree in theater from UCLA.
The faculty talk with each other and figure out how to make a common language between singing and dancing and acting," says Emily Pynenburg, 21, a TBC musical theater student who grew up in dance competitions and dreams of working on Broadway.
It goes without saying that serious musical theater performers should be musically literate.
What's fascinating about the latest batch is that they all bring blinking into the spotlight a figure who usually thrives in the dark: the obsessive, opinionated musical theater queen (MTQ).
Mamet is working on a musical, ``A Waitress in Yellowstone,'' to open at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in June 2007, but Pidgeon doesn't envision herself branching into musical theater -- Mamet-esque or otherwise.
Extravaganza King: Robert Barnet And Boston Musical Theater by Anne Alison Barnet (writer, researcher, public speaker, and the great-grandaughter of Robert Barnet) is the biographical story of a remarkable man and which will bring him out of an undeserved obscurity by documenting his singular accomplishments and contributions to the history of American musical theatre.
Musical Features such as Classical to Contemporary, Opera, Operetta, Musical Theater
March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Children's Musical Theater San Jose has named Michael Miller its new Managing Director.
If you're a dancer who can sing on key, and if your theatrical chops are as sharp as your fouettes, you may have already discovered your penchant for musical theater.