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a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing

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Sit in on classes to see if they'll be hard enough for you, or get a sense of the level at your audition, suggests Jeremy Hurr, who majors in musical theater with a concentration in dance at Otterbein University.
Steven Gross, the founder and CEO of Musical Theater Songs, created the index to streamline the process of finding repertoire.
Training opportunities for classical voice and musical theater are varied.
Music that Sohlberg loves includes a range of contemporary musical theater ("Wicked," "Seussical," "Next to Normal" and "Edges") as well as some from as a growing genre of cabaret music written in musical theater style but not attached specifically to a show (think Laurence O'Keefe and Kirsten Guenther's "Accident Prone").
In her survey of American musical theater traditions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Katherine Preston reminds readers that genres of musical theater cross-pollinate more than they remain separate entities.
Forman is proud of Valley Music School students' academic and professional success, she's also proud of the summer musical theater workshop's impact on local schools.
Anytime you learn a new role, whether it's musical theater or opera, it's training your muscles to the way that piece of music requires you to work.
Organization awards ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 go to Musical Theater Works, West Coast Ensemble, San Diego Repertory Theater and Seattle Children's Theater.
Livent's plans to bring its special brand of live musical theater to New York's most famous street are in perfect harmony with all ow hopes and aspirations to re-create the 42nd Street theaters as places of popular art and entertainment," she added.
Winning the Kleban Award will enable me to devote more time to creating new projects with my collaborator Jan Powell that explore the unique emotional power of musical theater.
This textbook for those who want to act in musical theater can be used in short or long courses and trainings and for self-study.
For college-bound students hoping to become the next triple threat, it's often hard to find a dance program that nurtures all three--and few musical theater programs offer enough challenging courses for seriously trained dancers.
Chicurel offer a pragmatic and gestalt-like presentation of standard music theory in the context of musical theater repertoire.
What's fascinating about the latest batch is that they all bring blinking into the spotlight a figure who usually thrives in the dark: the obsessive, opinionated musical theater queen (MTQ).
Mamet is working on a musical, ``A Waitress in Yellowstone,'' to open at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in June 2007, but Pidgeon doesn't envision herself branching into musical theater -- Mamet-esque or otherwise.