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They have explored a range of musical styles in their songs, although many songs are characterized by Alison Goldfrapp's distinctive breathy, soft vocals and Will Gregory's multi-layered synthesizer and string arrangements.
He has a formidable reputation in the jazz world and that range of musical styles is just one of the reasons.
Councillor Ann McCoy, cabinet member for adult services and health, said: "This course will help experienced musicians gain an understanding of this highly popular and emotive musical style.
David Cope is well known for his stunning, successful research in the algorithmic replication of musical style.
In fact it is characteristic of a great number of texts to separate and isolate form from content to such a degree that all too often we lose sight of exactly why a specific musical style or expression became significant in the first place.
These are all good reasons to like a band, no matter what its musical style might be, so why do people give me a hard time when I show how much I like 'N Sync?
Considering instrumentation, text, tempo and vocal techniques, the students learn to discern musical style.
He also discusses how memes are transmitted in human culture and how they drive socio-cultural evolution and musical style.
Classic American Popular Song: The Second Half-century, 1950-2000 is a college-level survey of what happened to American popular music post 1950: it continues the story of classic songwriters from Porter and Rodgers to Johnny Mercer and Fred Kander, exploring the ongoing (and sometimes surprising) popularity of their works over the decades and considering both the quality of pop song after 1950 and the efforts of writers who worked in an established yet fading musical style.
Regularly compared to the Flaming Lips - in terms of eccentricity and verve rather than musical style - they have been sidetracked by a variety of problems (singer Isaac Brock had his jaw broken in Chicago and spent 10 days in jail after another set-to in Oregan).
Douglas Alton Smith, in the preface, explains his purpose and approach: hoping to provide a missing "panoramic view," he chose "[1] to show in words and pictures how and why the lute changed physically through the ages; [2] to give a general introduction to the lute's use in society; [3] to trace the development of its cultural symbolism; [4] to place the major lutenists and composers in perspective biographically and musically; [5] to describe succinctly the musical style of each significant figure; and [6] to suggest how the music of one may have influenced others" (xii-xiii).
Two other Cuban musicians have fused a musical style rooted in the island of Jamaica.
Li'l Brian and his posse mix in some funk and even a bit of rap to create a musical style that is a unique and invigorating blend.
Each century, each decade throws up a new African or African-derived musical influence which perpetuates itself in Western popular music and becomes integrated into the cultural musical style or pattern of Western culture to such an extent that its originators are ignored, or relegated to a secondary, "primitive" role and its imitators are considered the originators.
Begin with a theme, a certain composer or musical style, or a particular discipline that you and your collaborative partners or students would like to explore.