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a soiree assembled for the purpose of listening to music

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The musical soiree is part of a year-long programme to familiarise people in the UAE with BangladeshAEs culture.
A musical soiree showcased the choir, soloists, sitars, tabla and dhol drummers and a wind band.
There will be a musical soiree for St Cecilia's Day this Saturday at the rectory.
In 1862, back in Vienna, Karol met Count Hugo Seilern, probably at a musical soiree.
As it marks its first anniversary soon with a musical soiree, Horiuchi pins high hopes for the numbers to swell.
A DMIRERS of Indian classical music and dance in Patna had a sense of dejEa vu, with the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth ( SPIC- MACAY) organising a musical soiree in the city recently.
The musical soiree started with a vibrant performance of western Indian state Maharashtra's folk dance by children.
The gift day will be the first of several fundraising events and appeals, with a jazz concert planned for November 7 and a Musical Soiree for St Cecilia's Day on November 22.
Bluegrass aficionado and former lead singer with top Midlands band The Downcountry Boys, Jim will next week be launching the musical soiree on Rose, a 72ft narrow boat based at Sutton Cheney Wharf, between Fenny Drayton and Market Bosworth.
When they appear at a dance or an evening musical soiree, the talk is about marriage, the fashionable world or neighbouring estates (as when Mr Rushworth in Mansfield Park contemplates improvements to Sotherton Court).
The choristers will enjoy a welcome cocktail at the beloved Stradey Castle in Llanelli on September 5 - home of the Hywel H Choir's president Lady Mary Mansel Lewis and her family - where the Hywel Choir has H enjoyed a warm history of receptions and musical soirees for more than 35 years.
Exhibitions of Rabindranath's paintings, musical soirees, seminars, workshops, release of commemorative publications, coins and joint productions and performances of dances and dramas, based on the stories and songs written by Rabindranath were organized across India as part of the celebrations.
There are the tales of famous visitors to recount, of course, but also the election campaigns fought tooth-and-nail in their bars and on their balconies, and the assembly rooms that staged musical soirees, hunt balls and royal visits.
Brewers and cider makers have woken up to that fact and are scrambling to get a slice of the festival scene, which has boomed in recent years with around 500 musical soirees taking place each year in fields and parks around the UK.
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