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(music) a series of notes differing in pitch according to a specific scheme (usually within an octave)

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had a highly sophisticated system of musical scales and knew that they could tune large brass or ceramic vessels to resonate at specific places in their scale.
Emily's voice is lustrous and she has the required expertise to sing all vowels of the European languages in a musical scale," Nagyvary explained.
Shaped like a sleek vase, the product is designed with eight adjustable mist volume mode along with a musical scale and three detachable nozzles.
It was an unusual gesture, but appropriate: Kandinsky considered Schoenberg a kindred spirit and looked to the 12-tone musical scale for inspiration in devising experimental colour schemes.
When Plato does generate a musical scale of his own at Timaeus 35b ff.
Once a darling of the Toronto alternative scene, this queer activist is now a new mother living in Beijing with her Chinese husband and exploring jazz, funk and the five-note Chinese musical scale.
Coquettishly mincing her way through "Amor" (Love), Eriksmoen warbled up and down the musical scale at whiplash-speed.
Some of the many topics include: sound waves, how a musical scale is devised and measured, mathematical ratios of intervals, properties of a vibrating string, the hammer-string collision, the string and soundboard connection, the scale of piano design and psychoacoustics (how we perceive sound).
Of note is the human need for not a musical scale, but a tonal center, for pitch perception.
Musical scale preferences are predicted by the overall similarity of their component intervals to a harmonic series.
2 : of or relating to a musical scale of eight notes with half steps between the third and fourth and between the seventh and eighth notes and with whole steps between all the others
Thus, electrons, neutrinos and other elementary particles fit on a grand cosmic scale, just as the notes A, B and C fit on a musical scale.
The interactive musical wall, for example, will bring colour and music to life at the touch of a hand on the graphical representations of musical instruments, while the giant piano will offer children an opportunity to test their foot work and musical skills by hopping from the black keys to the white keys or simply taking a run and sliding down the full musical scale.
In addition, the EZ Version reportedly features: 175 instruments and drums; one operating window for ease of use; 21 musical scale choices, and nine scale pattern choices; three different adjustable sound effects; the ability to alter sound effects with strike position and velocity; graphic representation of zone strikes and position ring strikes; ability to save new presets; as well as a panic button to immediately stop all sound.
EXPERTS say most nursery rhymes stick to something called the pentatonic scale - a musical scale with five notes in an octave.