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The core of the method is to analyze each input note, determining (by means of the background musical knowledge) its role in the musical phrase it belongs to; identify and retrieve (from the case base of human performances) notes with similar roles; and finally, transform the input note so that its expressive properties (dynamics, rubato, vibrato, articulation, and attack) match those of the most similar retrieved note.
After dealing with forming an unfamiliar vowel within a familiar exercise, the student is much more comfortable creating the sound when it comes in a musical phrase.
not predetermined, thus "forcing" the soloist to conclude the discourse with a musical phrase or movement sequence that sounds or looks like it is finished.
The 32-year-old singer, a child prodigy born to musician parents Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty and Chandana, could glide over all seven notes with ease and reproduce any musical phrase effortlessly even as a child.
As Stellaccio and curator Rebecca Cross describe, "Handle for the Axe is a musical phrase and the instrument is a black and white piano-like aesthetic of Formica and porcelain that is, appropriately and affectionately, reminiscent of sheet music.
Nikki advocates taking in the amount of air you need, not an over amount, to produce a musical phrase.
Heron is as much a part of the ensemble as the two actors - igniting memories with a simple musical phrase and using her instrument to create sound effects.
The length of the phrases is usually quite consistent (for example, two--or four-bar phrases), and these phrases are often repeated (consider Eency Weency Spider, in which the initial musical phrase is either repeated or imitated for each of the following three phrases).
pure creature, sudden musical phrase not passing in time but hanging,
The analysis of a musical phrase depends both on the quality of a musical phrase representation and on the inference engine.
The conceptual sub-division of the musical phrase into fragments (Gestalt) is color related.
He can shape a musical phrase and put energy into it so it seems to have a life of its own.
In the first structure, Esercizio Cognitivo I: la musica della sfera (Cognitive Experiment I: The Music of the Sphere), 2007, built like a geodesic dome, a keyboard invited us to play--but the keys were marked with geometric shapes that also appeared as slide projections inside the sphere; following the symbols, one produced a musical phrase.
A person with brain damage may have uncontrollable auditory hallucinations, hearing a musical phrase over and over without relief.
In addition to focusing on pathologies, he explores everyday phenomena, such as music's ability to conjure up images and the annoying tendency for a musical phrase to sometimes stick in one's mind.