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The purpose of this contract is the provision of services artistic interpretation and musical performance artist Tarque, organized by the City of Majadahonda during the festivity of the year 2019, in honor of the Holy Christ of the Remedies, in accordance with the prescriptions contained in the Technical Specification governing this contract, and which, if any, unite as annexed thereto
president of Ev-K2-CNR, Agostino Da Polenza , Ev-K2-CNR presentation of keeping Baltoro Clening Project , screening of movies related with the importance of the day and Gilgit Baltistan live musical performances by the artists etc.
Can the supply of the musical performances be treated as a supply "directly related" to the provision of an educational service?
At the end of the programme, the Pakistani ambassador in Norway Riffat Masood presented bouquets to Danyal and thanked him for the enthralling musical performance.
Our favorite musical performance, however, has got to be the 'Hug Time Trio Show' later in the afternoon.
New Delhi[India]Mar 2( ANI ): The Indo-Tibetan Border Police(ITBP) band gave a musical performance at the Siri Fort auditorium in New Delhi yesterday.
As the day ends, the evening will glimmer into a shimmering fiesta with vibrant dance performances during the Havana Show, followed by a live musical performance and after party treats at Inferno Night Club.
HUNDREDS who gathered at the Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam (BKS) yesterday were treated to a musical performance by Indian singing sensation K S Chithra.
The ceremony concluded with a musical performance by Atif Aslam.
Using computer models and case studies of a cellist performing in European concert halls and musicians playing in virtual room acoustical environments simulated through dynamic binaural synthesis, this book examines how solo musicians are influenced by their room acoustical environment when playing on a concert hall stage and how they adapt their musical performance. It discusses theoretical considerations related to musical performance; previous studies on the topic and the topic of stage acoustics; the research design and methods of the study; and the performances and room acoustics involved in the cases, as well as statistical analysis of the data and the evaluation of guided interviews.
The cast of West End hit Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gets the party started before the action moves to Albert Square for a musical performance by the EastEnders stars.
The epical musical performance "Clusters of Light", which narrates the greatest story in the human's history, will be staged on the semicircular Roman-Style Theatre.
James Cook, the bright yellow yacht of Tyneside-based charity Ocean Youth Trust North, will be anchored off the North East coast on Saturday for Foghorn Requiem, a musical performance by composer Orlando Gough.
Organised as part of Yasalam series building up to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the event also featured a live musical performance by the Lebanese star Carole Samaha.
Iranian calligrapher Esrafil Shirchi is to hold a calligraphy exhibition featuring Fazel Jamshidi's live musical performance this weekend in Vancouver.