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The episode opens with a series of different musical passages.
When we describe a musical passage as "obstinately plodding" or a chord as "sour and biting" we are making connections between one domain of experience (having to do with the ways bodies can move through space, the sense of taste, or the physical actions accomplished by teeth) and the domain of music.
With plaintive melodies like "Cool Water" and "Hard Times," Holmes' playlist is a musical passage back to an earlier era.
The section on abstraction travels from a discussion of Kandinsky and going beyond mere representation to explorations of grids, geometric and organic form, mark-making, unique motivations (drawings based on a scent of perfume, a musical passage, movement) and other points of departure.
The suggestion is that one perceives what a musical passage expresses precisely in virtue of imagining, or being induced to imagine, a mental state it is as if a personal expression of.
Such a listener perceives a musical passage under a certain theoretical description and indeed describes the passage in such terminology.
By far the most vivid musical passage discussed by Ciabattoni in relation to polyphony appears in Paradiso XXVIII.
Also in stage four, a very effective technique is for students to cognitively, in that quiet and peaceful state of consciousness, perform and experience the musical passage in their minds, where it can only be performed successfully, confidently and fluidly.
Nelson established himself as a champion for the family farmer with his annual Farm Aid concerts, and his Fourth of July Picnics have for the past quarter century served as a rite of musical passage in Texas.
Just as an artist needs to visualize what a painting is going to look like before setting the brush to canvas, a musician needs a clear mental image of a musical passage prior to playing.
A student who imagines she is the teacher of herself, even while practicing, becomes actively engaged during the practice session and begins to evaluate and plan the next practice strategy for a musical passage.
No symbol, no detail, no bizarre musical passage is beyond Finale--it can do everything
1) Just like the meaning of a sentence is understood by the listener through their own personal vocabulary and awareness of the many possible meanings created by various word combinations, so a musical passage will be recognized and understood by the listener or performer as it relates to or differs from patterns with which they are familiar.
The new theory set Out in this book claims that an emotion like sadness is an objective property of a musical passage because "the connection of that music to sadness by way of human nature is a matter of certain laws of nature connecting certain properties of the music to sadness" (pp.
It is well known that Dahlhaus took issue with Lorenz's application of this concept; while Lorenz's periods may run anywhere from thirty measures to three hundred, Dahlhaus argued that Wagner used the term "period" in its generally accepted sense of a relatively short, tonally closed musical passage.