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Indeed, musical organization is at its most clearly perceivable and enjoyable in those works, like the fugues of Bach and the sonata movements of Mozart, which are understood as "abstract" or "absolute," carrying no reference to anything beyond themselves.
In the autocratic style, the head of a musical organization will often view his or her leadership style as the authoritative head of a hierarchy, complete with subordinates to carry out the assigned tasks necessary to meet the goals and standards set by the leader.
Choric Communication: The Case of a Togolese Women's Musical Organization.
Given the demonic, stringent nature of the musical organization of the work and its heightened expressive musical vocabulary, the settings must anchor themselves realistically in the atmosphere and Stimmung indicated by Wedekind and Berg.
What riveted my attention was the new regime of musical organization which so patently inhered, obvious on the surface but not limited to the surface of the music.
Elizabeth, whose only prior act of equal bravery was the formation of BAM, a musical organization, acted in the true spirit of freedom, and wasn't even recognized in the Post coverage of the meeting, where she was identified only as "a shareholder.
The mission of the Arlington Heights Community Concert Band is to provide musical entertainment to the community, to provide opportunities for community members to join and be part of a musical organization, to provide for individual musical expression and growth, and to contribute to the community's music appreciation.
It will be sung by members of another local musical organization for youths - the Oregon Children's Choir - with the Youth Symphony accompanying.
The President's Own" United States Marine Band was established by an act of Congress in 1798, making it America's oldest professional musical organization.
Effective phrasing projects the musical organization of the work.
THE United States Army Band "Pershing's Own" is the Army's foremost musical organization.
Among other topics, Haimo also explores how Schoenberg's shift from programmatic to absolute musical organization affected his conception of musical form, and how his adoption of contrapuntal procedures added complexity to his music.
No other musical organization (Cuban of non-Cuban) has managed to reach such a degree of stylistic versatility, while presenting imaginative and relevant lyrics that reflect the trials and tribulations (combined with the political skepticism and survivalist sense of humor) of generations of Cuban musicians born and raised after Castro & Company carne to power in Havana.
Several big names headlined the Eugene Symphony's announcement of its 2014-15 season - its 49th - at a gathering Tuesday in downtown Eugene for patrons of the musical organization.
It's a musical organization that has an outstanding musical reputation, and that's what attracts musicians to our organization," Colburn said.