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Choir chairman Gareth Evans said: "Our website is now one of the largest and most comprehensive of any musical organisation on the internet.
Opera North is the latest musical organisation to offer youngsters a chance to get singing.
Everywhere it goes, the Choral 'sings' the message of Huddersfield and its standing as an outstanding musical organisation has helped raise the town's profile nationwide and overseas.
The Hinchliffe Mill Brass Band Musical Charity has cash to donate to musical organisations and musicians living in the HD9 postcode district.
The various musical organisations included brass and military bands (15) (the Taranaki Rifles Volunteer Band, the Invercargill City Band, the Oamaru Naval Artillery Band, and the New Zealand Brass and Military Band Association), churches (especially for the purpose of fundraising for organs), and those organising specific events (such as the Wellington Festival Choral Society).
I'm proud to come from a country where culture is so valued - in our national anthem we celebrate "gwlad beirdd a chantorion" (a land of poets and singers) - and that's so special, particularly at the moment when there are cuts to musical organisations across Wales.
Over the years numerous amateur dramatic groups have performed there, such as The Rhondda Theatre group, SELSIG, Spotlight & Mid Rhondda Operatic Societies, and highly renowned musical organisations, such as the Treorchy Male Voice Choir and the Parc & Dare Band see the theatre as their home.
Musical organisations across North Warwickshire are planning a joint programme of classical music, called Northern Notes.
Birmingham Jazz has always believed strongly in taking jazz to different audiences and is known for its imaginative collaborations with other musical organisations.
They have been disengaged by musical organisations around the world and it is an organisation such as Ensemble 10/10 which will help music, as an art form, to avoid dying out.
The programme brings musical organisations into Sure Start Children's Centres.
POSITIONS: include President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Patron of the Ocean Youth Club and the Scottish Badminton Union, several theatrical and musical organisations and trustee of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
The theory of "economic impact" is based on the concept of direct impact - through musical organisations spending on wages, products and services - and an indirect impact through the knock-on effect of such expenditure.
Their latest concert, the first in the new season, celebrated England's glory, something many other musical organisations seem to be doing - Trafalgar Day and all that.
I will always remember working with Sakari Oramo, the CBSO and all the Birmingham musical organisations as the most fruitful, productive and sympathetic appointment a composer could imagine fulfilling anywhere.