musical instrument digital interface

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a standard protocol for communication between electronic musical instruments and computers

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The uPD9993 chip incorporates a digital signal processor (DSP) core for MP3 and AAC decoding, which enables playback of audio files in high-quality MP3 and AAC formats in addition to conventional musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) format.
"Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Recording and Dance Music Recording has been a massively popular course and the tutors are recognised experts in the industry.
Qualcomm CDMA Technologies has launched the second generation of its Compact Media Extension Musical Instrument Digital Interface based multimedia software.
The MSM3300 solution offers the highly integrated features of QCT's Wireless Internet Launchpad(TM) suite of advanced technologies and software, including gpsOne(TM) position location capabilities featuring SnapTrack(TM) technology, Bluetooth(TM) connectivity capabilities, UMTS Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), and multimedia features such as Qtunes(TM) Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG-1) Layer-3 (MP3) player software support and Compact Media Extension (CMX(TM)) Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)-based multimedia software.
Using Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) systems - common to all modern instruments - the sequencer effectively tells the organ which notes to play.
MIDI, Musical Instrument Digital Interface, has been widely used by electronic musical instruments and personal computers since 1983.
Retro is capable of playing back several different sounds at once when used with a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) compatible sequencer program.
MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A system which enables the PC to control electronic musical instruments.