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The first two chapters are directed toward a characterization and general historical outline of the musical genre through the concept of "performance complex," which includes not only music but also dance and the basic instrumental conjunto or ensemble.
The breadth of Perullo's monograph is impressive: not only does he cover the various aspects of the music economy, he also refers to all the musical genres produced in Tanzania, most notably muziki wa dansi (dance music), Bongo Flava (hip hop), taarab (sung Swahili poetry), muziki wa injili (gospel music), muziki wa kwaya (choral music) and ngoma (traditional dance or drumming songs).
In contrast to many other musical genres swing has never really gone out of fashion over the decades, particularly in recent years.
By studying similar and different characteristics of specific rhythmic durations and the occurrence of rhythmic sequences, the group of Brazilian researchers has found that it is possible to correctly identify the musical genres of specific musical pieces.
With his next project, the epochal 3 Feet High and Rising (1989), Prince Paul's sonic range took a quantum leap into the esoteric, patching comedy skits and general looniness into a heady Day-Glo mix of musical genres (Curiosity Killed the Cat vs.
Her "family resemblance model" refutes the tendency to trace a particular musical genre to some singular traditional form and suggests instead a complex cross-fertilization process for the emergence of new styles.
The musical genre called madrigal in the 16th century consisted of settings for vocal ensemble, from three to eight voices, sometimes with instruments, of almost any lyric poetry, whether or not of the madrigal type; it might include sonnets, sestinas, canzoni, and so on.
The University of Louisville School of Music is accepting applications for the University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition 2006, a $200,000 cash award granted in recognition of outstanding achievement by a living composer in a large musical genre.
Then there is the challenge of jungle, arguably the first musical genre to emerge from the black British working class that is not obviously derivative of West Indian or American genres (although it pays homage to both the nonlyrical density of dub and the friskiness of free jazz).
Pink Sheets: PSRZ) operates dance training centers concentrating on the musical genre known as Hip Hop and Pop for kids and teens (beginners to advanced) and its new record label, Pop Starz Records, which is engaged in the business of developing, producing, licensing, acquiring and distributing recorded music and song catalogues primarily in the currently popular Hip Hop and Pop genre.
The Maecenas and the Madrigalist: Patrons, Patronage, and the Origins of the Italian Madrigal is an in-depth, scholarly history of the madrigal, a secular musical genre originating in early sixteenth-century Florence.
Foster, the Canadian force behind such painfully bland moneymakers as Sarah Brightman, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion and Charlotte Church, exploits that highly lucrative musical genre known by the technical term That Which Has No Name.
Name any niche musical genre you can imagine, from lesbian punk to Mexican hip-hop, and there is a specialty record label devoted to that sound.
Chicken 'N' Beer'' is just another example of the artistic bankruptcy of a once worthwhile musical genre that peaked a decade ago with Dr.
The present Dover edition offers both the music scholar and the lover of Irish music a rare look at a large sampling of this historical musical genre.