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a theater in which vaudeville is staged

a variety show with songs and comic acts etc


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The City Varieties is a Grade II* listed music hall which was built 1865 and the original interior is largely unaltered.
His reputation as a serious actor was established by his appearances in Samuel Beckett's plays, notably Waiting For Godot, in which he made use of his music hall routines.
MONOLOGUES from the music hall era illuminated a meeting of Bulkington Women's Institute.
IT was a star studded celebration at the Country Music Hall of Fame's annual "family reunion" on Sunday night.
Detroit Dec 4-7, Eisenhower Dance Ensemble, Music Hall Center, 350 Madison Ave, 313.
Disney Music Hall, California Institute of the Arts, 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia.
Entertainment ranging from Victorian-style music hall through to rock 'n' roll has been booked for Lichfield Civic Hall before it closes for a pounds 5 million redevelopment.
34] Day's music hall in Birmingham in 1866 was claimed to have manufacturers, tradesmen and even the occasional magistrate amongst its audience, although by the later Victorian period some city centre halls were seen as respectable and audiences more controlled.
Most of the day's events will be held at Mill Town Music Hall (1031 Alabama Avenue, Bremen, GA 30110), a venue that hosts quality, wholesome entertainment in West Georgia.
09 SUN SINFONIETTA MUSIC HALL Th Aberdeen Sinfonietta Spring Concert will be held at the Music Hall.
Balmbra's music hall not only features in the song - the tune was also first performed there.
The Millennium Music Hall, next to the Millennium Stadium, will reportedly stage its final gigs over the weekend before being transformed into a restaurant and gym.
DEVOTED music hall fan Duggie Chapman guided an audience through memories of the era's greatest stars.
The Music Hall in Portsmouth has received a $15,000 operating grant from the New Hampshire State Council for the Arts for the 2008-2009 season.
In a performance to mark the play's 50th anniversary, Lindsay plays Archie Rice, a music hall performer struggling in an age when the music hall had disappeared.