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Techno: Music genre featuring mechanical beats and found sounds.
com will raise the bar on how music fans access and watch their music videos and stay in touch with the Crunk Nation community and lifestyle, as well as provide HRT, their partners and advertisers a viable platform to market their products, increase brand recognition, and connect to fans of this popular music genre in a more direct and interactive environment," said Endavo and I-Media CEO, Paul D.
GAC also will assist in developing a curriculum in the country music genre and will provide volunteer instructors.
Our internet music channel lets you choose the music genre you like -- whether it's rock, hip-hop, Latin or country, the top selling acts in the world are playing 24/7, without commercial interruption.
The Orchard is the world's leading digital distributor and marketer of independent music, with a catalogue of more than one million tracks representing 73 countries, thousands of labels, and every music genre.
Recognized as the pioneer of the trance music genre, BT has evolved into one of the most visionary artists and producers for a multitude of musical styles.
The Orchard is the leading distributor and marketer of independent music in the world, representing thousands of labels spanning 73 countries and every music genre.
Isaac Watts's hymns by African slaves during the slave masters church services and how this impacted the black Baptist services and African American music genres in the United States.
Accordingly, he has signed artists across corporate music genres that converge instead in political consciousness and spirituality.
If the government is successful in shutting down raves, what's to stop them from applying this tactic to other music genres.
Music on the Mercora network is 100 percent programmed by users who gain instant access to over 100,000 music channels streamed in CD-quality, over three million unique tracks, and 200,000 individual artists across all music genres.
As many of the world's most famous music artists gather in London this week (from Sunday 1st October) to attend The MOBO Awards 2000, sponsor MasterCard reveals the growing importance of black-inspired music genres to the UK economy.
You can browse or search through a wide selection of music genres.
The user interfaces of most popular music management applications and devices are designed primarily for use with pop music genres such as R&B, Rock and Country, utilizing three-line displays that typically only show Album Title, Track Title and Recording Artist information when a song is played.
The more educated a person becomes about different music genres, the more they appreciate the different sounds they are hearing,'' she said.