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In using the Colpexin sphere pull test to objectively assess pelvic floor musculature strength and tone, a tensiometer is attached to the sphere and then the patient is asked to contract her pelvic floor muscles.
This is Gray's Anatomy in 3-D: skeletons, brains, joints, musculature, arterial networks, nervous systems, hearts, livers, lungs, pancreases, kidneys, spleens, stomachs, bladders and intestines, fully-formed and in horizontal slices.
If patients are unable to identify the correct method of effectively using their pelvic floor musculature, they complete a 4-week course of biofeedback therapy.
Why anyone, male or female, should want to develop such grotesque musculature is puzzling.
In the same way, The Sculpture Machine divorces musculature from the social and cultural context of popular and professional medicine in the nineteenth century.
An arm with flaccid musculature hangs at the side of the body and feels heavy.
Dramatic morphological changes that occur with age, in skulls of some shrews (Dehnel, 1949; Crowcroft and Ingles, 1959) suggest that bite force might be enhanced by increasing the mechanical advantage of the jaw lever or by providing relatively larger masticatory musculature. If bite force in shrews does not increase with age and older shrews shift their diets to softer items, such shifts might cause an increasingly greater overlap between trophic niches of older shrews of species with relatively high bite force and those of younger individuals of species with relatively low bite force.
Whilst on their usual medication, an examination of facial, tongue and palatopharyngeal musculature was made, and a modified barium swallow performed.
I'm sure an ichthyologist would correct me about what it is that goes into a given fish's ability to fight--bone structure, musculature, fin height and width, and such--but, in the same way that I don't want an astronomer to remind me that the constellation Pisces is a projection of man's imagination onto a random grouping of distant galaxies, I like to keep my illusions about the fishes intact.
Decreased food, fluid and fiber intake, immobility, poor dentition, mastication and stomach musculature, failure to respond to urge to defecate and incontinence.
Based on current anatomical knowledges, the sublevator part of the lower rectum and the coil-like external anal sphincteric musculature surrounding it compose the nested two cylindrical musculer tube called as surgical anal canal in the ischional fossa.
Based on his observations of the musculature of these specimens, he guessed that these larvae used their unusually long postoral arms to swim: "By means of this muscular apparatus the long postoral arms can be moved actively and thus apparently serve as an active locomotor organ, besides the usual ciliary movement of the vibratile [ciliary] bands" (Mortensen, 1921, p.
With a rounded thoracic spine, the anterior pectoral musculature ends up shortening and tightening and the posterior spinal extensor musculature ends up lengthening and tightens in response (See Locked-Short/Locked-Long Box).
However, phyla such as Cnidaria and Ctenophora, which are typically classified as diploblasts, possess striated musculature. Within phylum Cnidaria, class Cubozoa includes carnivorous box jellyfish, which are capable of extending and contracting their tentacles for predation and defense mechanisms, thus suggesting a well-organized system of muscles.
In the lumbar spine, lateral flexion to one side is accompanied by rotation to the opposite side (likely due to the locked-short transversospinalis musculature on the side of concavity).