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The motor command to the muscle is sent in two different directions - in one direction, to trigger the desired muscular contraction and in the other, to inform the brain that the command has actually been passed on to the musculature," Chiara Pivetta, first author of the publication, said.
Due to this typical imbalance of anterior/posterior pelvic tilt musculature, the common sagittal plane postural distortion pattern of the lumbar spine is hyperlordosis.
Our attention was drawn to Harry and Hubendick's (1964) description of this musculature as we looked for a mechanism to account for the well-known ability of physids to twist their shells rapidly through approximately 120[degrees] (180[degrees] according to Dawson 1911) in a clockwise direction and back.
This will accomplish both internal and external rotation--two very important movements for the intrinsic rotator cuff musculature.
Two dates at Soho's Pizza Express were recorded for the album with the quintet's musculature highly-toned and a live atmosphere perfectly captured.
So ``Nearing Grace'' isn't really very different from other high-school movies, except perhaps for its frequent explorations of Brewster's impressive back musculature and characters who use bigger words than do actual stoned teenagers.
The soft brace, according to Atlanta chiropractor Brian Ouellette, a certified distributor, encourages the patient's own musculature to help correct spinal curvature and rotation, and can be worn under a patient's clothing and kept on during ballet class.
The Colpexin sphere, an intravaginal device for women with advanced genital prolapse that supports the prolapse above the levator musculature and helps patients strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, can also serve as a test to objectively assess the contractility and strength of pelvic floor muscles, Dr.
Also, joints are less likely to break if the musculature surrounding them is strong.
Still somewhat impaired by difficulties with the musculature of his back that were the result of a car accident many years ago, Ioudenitch, while working with a trainer to correct his back, has curtailed his performing career somewhat and is concentrating on teaching at Park University.
His pictures present oiled Aryan sun worshippers gaily dancing in foaming surf, cheerily harvesting the fields, or striking poses that bloom rococo musculature.
Herbivorous fish species accumulate toxins in their musculature, liver, and viscera after ingesting dinoflagellates.
Wood Betony, with its antispasmodic action, relaxes our bowels, musculature, and our stifled sense of self-expression.
The consequences of cushioned running shoes ought to be made explicit to patients: a destabilized gait and a weakened intrinsic foot musculature.