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Synonyms for muscularity

solid and well-developed muscles

Synonyms for muscularity

the physiological state of having or consisting of muscle

possessing muscular strength

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

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In one study, young boys were shown a pairing of action figures; a contemporary, hyper-muscular figure, and the historical counterpart of the figure containing markedly less and more realistic levels of muscularity (Baghurst, Carlston, Wood & Wyatt, 2007).
Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r), Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient (p) and Chi-square (x2) were used to find association between media use behaviors, internet/social network use and nutrition status, body image satisfaction scores, abnormal eating attitudes and behaviors, drive for muscularity and self-esteem scores.
The Golf GTE should be able to carve a niche for itself, offering the torquey muscularity of the diesel with the smoothness of the petrol
Some authors argue that the pursuit of muscularity component in muscle dysmorphia is parallel to drive for thinness in anorexia because of the similarities of the symptoms and the high attention to diet, as well as the compensatory behavior of excessive exercise (Murray, Rieger, Touyz, & De la Garza, 2010).
Crosland himself backed up on bass guitar - playing with restrained muscularity - and the other members of his Trio were the eloquent keyboardist Paul Kilvington and drummer Dave Tyas, who might just qualify for the "veteran" tag, but has lost none of his energy and resourcefulness behind the kit.
Not to mention the horse's muscularity and stamina.
Based on acquired data during press-up probe, which tested the endurance while intensifying humeral protractors of arms' muscularity, I came up with the following conclusion:
The authors also found an association between dissatisfaction with muscularity and low body mass index and common mental disorders.
The smartly subtlety of the lyrics, those chords that shift in odd directions (but which quickly sound right) and the strange muscularity are all present and correct, all so typically Villagers.
Drive for muscularity foi um construto estruturado no contexto da ampliacao da pesquisa em imagem corporal do homem, quando a musculatura--seja sua definicao, volume ou aparencia--passou a ser considerada um aspecto central da imagem corporal do homem.
This design is inspired by muscularity and understated performance intent, its makers say.
Fellow club members included Gordon Mudd, a chap known simply as 'Larry the Lump' because of his muscularity, and Bill Boyd - the latter went into partnership with Tom to open a health studio in Stockton in 1964.
Thus, from childhood through early adulthood, wrestlers are typically characterized by a high level of muscularity as reflected by the Meso rating, but low levels of roundness (endomorphy) and linearity of build (ectomorphy).
Then why shouldn't speech / from one latitude to another, / between us, / appropriate the muscularity of clouds?
The Infiniti design team, led by executive design director Alfonso Albaisa, has explored bolder, sensual sculpting and enhanced muscularity with the Q30 Concept as the brand's design language continues to evolve.