muscular tonus

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normal tonicity of the muscles


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Electromyographic (EMG) recordings from the dorsal neck muscles of the mice allowed verification of muscular tonus and aided in the classification of various times within the SWC.
He would then drop a book to demonstrate how the startle reflex and related tension and associated arousal is inhibited or impossible without the presence of muscular tonus, a finding originally made by Sherrington (1909) and explained neurologically by Gellhorn (Gellhorn, 1967, Gellhorn & Kiely, 1972).
Of the studies that had evaluated spasticity, none demonstrated changes in muscular tonus in final evaluations.
The features of this specific behavior are the following: in response to a rapid approach of a frightening object from which the calf cannot run away, the calf's muscular tonus weakens abruptly, the calf falls down to the ground and sprawls with stretched head and closed eyes.