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With the following resolution of the post-mortem carcass stiffening, an increase of the hydration of the muscular tissue occured.
Its functions, as a reservoir of urine and an organ that expels urine from the body, depend on well-developed muscular tissues comprising three muscle layers arranged in bundles.
Then, using a very advanced form of biofeedback incorporated with electrical muscular tissue excitement, the Biomove re-teaches muscular tissues to acquire on their own.
LCM infection generally creates flu-like signs and symptoms such as high temperature, tiredness, muscular tissue pains, nausea or vomiting, as well as puking and also might bring about meningitis and also sleeping sickness, with serious migraines, neck tightness, complication as well as psychological standing modifications.
Detection of elevated N epsilon-carboxymethyllysine levels in muscular tissue and in serum of patients with fibromyalgia.
MRI is superior to other imaging techniques for measuring the interior of the heart, including the right and left ventricles or main chambers of the heart, as well as the heart's muscular tissue.
Effect of high-frequency electrotome on muscular tissue of rabbit in vivo.
Non-cancerous , benign, masses of muscular tissue develop within the walls of the uterus.
Unlike minor traumas to the skeletal muscle, major losses of muscular tissue architecture render the wound site unable to support a normal regeneration process [2].
In certain histologic sections, the damaged muscular tissue was replaced by granulation tissue in various stages of development (Figure, panel F).
To investigate the somatic dimension, the following anthropometrical measurements were applied: height, weight, BMI, adipose tissue percentage, muscular tissue percentage.
Histologic structure of moderator band showed that they have muscular tissue in various proportions with connective and conductive tissue [27].
Magnetic resonance imaging showed the muscular tissue in free wall of right ventricle was replaced in heterogeneous manner by fatty tissue with dilatation of both right ventricle and right atrium (Fig.
The wall of the cyst contained fibro muscular tissue and thrown into villous structures.