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Study on the pedal and muscular structure of the gastropod includes reports on Patella vulgate (Jones & Trueman 1970), Neritina reclivata and Thais rustica (Gainey 1976), Patella vulgate and Acmaea tessulata (Grenon & Walker 1978), Bullia digitalis (Trueman & Brown 1976, 1987), Bullia rhodostoma (da Silva & Hodgson 1987), patellid limpets (Frescura 1987; Frescura & Hodgson 1990a, 1990b), Busycon contrarium and Haliotis kamtschatkana (Voltzow 1990), and Nassarius kraussianus (Trueman & Hodgson 1990).
Well, as good of a muscular structure as a fully grown man that weighs 137 lbs.
However, the latter gives a more visualized and dynamic presentation and allows defining reorganization of the muscular structure by minimal preservation of its contractile ability.
The horses must show joints and muscular structure, as they are in the process of movement.
For that reason, good early training is crucial to the correct alignment of the body and the development of a muscular structure that is strong and properly placed.
As Roberts sees it, throughout his career Masolino painted light-footed, decorative figures that are natural but are conceived in idealized patterns without regard to skeletal or muscular structure.
Not unlike our muscular structure, memory expands with use.
Her routine includes nine to 13 different exercises concentrating on her muscular structure work.
But carrying a heavy load on one side causes an imbalance in the muscular structure, potentially triggering neck, shoulder and back problems.
The tango dancer has a different muscular structure, they move in a different way and have a different sense of balance.
Carrying a heavy load on one side causes an imbalance i n the muscular structure, triggering neck, shoulder and back problems," warns Danny Williams, council member of the British Osteopathic Association (www.
False: Women's muscular structure is different to that of a man and it's much harder for them to build up muscle.
Often the affected muscular structures are similar to those injured by human athletes," he says.
This is followed with explanations about muscular structures, their fascia and nerve supplies.
The collections of ring structures prompt consideration of a vascular malformation, but the elastic and muscular structures of vessels were not present.