muscular contraction

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(physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber)

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The lymph nodes move through the body by muscular contractions, unlike blood, which is pumped naturally by the heart.
The muscular activity levels attained by the subjects were recorded in order to use in the normalization procedures and to determine the percentage of muscular contraction.
Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh) - Counters anxiety (anxiolytic) and is an antiinflammatory specific for muscular contraction headaches
9] Maximum muscular contraction occurs when tension is generated within the sarcomere by maximum overlap of actin and myosin filaments.
The muscle position was identified through capturing isometric muscular contraction and on the basis of MMT method and simultaneous touch method and by observing its end.
4,5) BADS was first described in 1902 in a patient with muscular contraction caused by a camphor overdose.
This study therefore aimed to evaluate gender differences in the endurance capacity of the back extensors during static muscular contraction using the Biering-Sorensen test of Static Muscular Endurance (BSME) among apparently healthy adult Nigerians.
they are initiated with a strong muscular contraction to accelerate the limb and to place it in motion, after which it continues on its own momentum.
Actin is an abundant cellular protein active in muscular contraction, cellular movement, and cell-shape maintenance in most organisms.
The lengthened and tight muscles are not functioning at optimal length, which reduces the force of muscular contraction and puts the muscles at greater risk of being strained.
These actions compress the veins in the foot, causing muscular contraction of the calf muscles and promoting blood flow through the main veins to the heart.
They used the same microscopic procedure to tie a knot with a filament of rabbit skeletal actin, a cellular protein that contributes to muscular contraction and cellular movement.
He then surveys the mechanisms involved in muscular contraction.
Before h sounded the alarm, wrote a leading Georgia surgeon, "congenital phimosis and adherent prepuce, as a cause of paralysis, reflex muscular contraction, curvature of the spine and acquired deformity, escaped the notice of the profession.
1 Of or relating to muscular contraction that does not produce shortening of the muscle
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