muscular contraction

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(physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber)

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8) investigated muscular contraction type and the number of repetitions performed by both genders.
Background: Musculoskeletal injuries stemming from forceful muscular contractions during seizures have been documented in the literature.
The separation of the lower jaw (1) as seen here, is that which I disapprove of; by this excessive separation, the tongue (2) must rise and swell at its base; this muscular contraction makes it almost touch the soft palate (3).
The lymph nodes move through the body by muscular contractions, unlike blood, which is pumped naturally by the heart.
Becoming aware of the role of stabilizer muscles facilitates our recognition of larger body-wide patterns of muscular contraction that occur throughout the body and can improve our assessment and consequent treatment success.
Sitting for prolonged periods of time - with little muscular contraction occurring - shuts off a molecule called lipoprotein lipase, or LPL, said the research that appeared in the journal BMC Public Health.
Besides mechanical compression on anatomical structures (arteries, veins, nerves), increased muscular contraction can also be thought to affect the vibration transmission to the bicycle rider by increasing tissue stiffness through two mechanisms.
Generaly for limb contact the electric shocks of 1- 5mA is the level of perception, 10mA is the level where pain and burns are received and at 100mA severe muscular contraction and ventricular fibrillation occurs.
Since their development in the 1940s and 50s, their effects have been founded on the utilization of basic procedures and specific techniques based on neurophysiologic principles related to the neuromuscular mechanism, which are superimposed to defined patterns of movement and posture among the ones the subject uses in daily life activities, seeking provoke or improve muscular contraction (1,2).
Manipulating muscular contraction is one potential solution.
10] While muscular contraction plays an obvious role in locomotion, muscle tone and strength are required to maintain the integrity of the human organism and influence an individual's potential for loss of function and structural injury.
If we begin to lift weights regularly; the number of motor neurons and their associated muscle fibers that are recruited with each muscular contraction will increase, and these neurons will fire with greater frequency and synchronization.
We may summarize that dislocation of the pisiform is caused either secondary to violent muscular contraction or due to direct injury.
When a muscular contraction and movement would be succeeded, the position of the surface electrodes would be expected to change -in regard to the contracted muscle, so the electrodes were positioned in the way put in the real test time.
Nitric oxide (NO), synthesized in the body from l-arginine by NO synthases, plays a role in adaptation to physical exercise by modulating blood flow, muscular contraction and glucose uptake and in the control of cellular respiration.
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