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large crested wild duck of Central America and South America

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To our knowledge, the ECG parameters of the Muscovy duck have not been previously studied.
The water in the Wasels' backyard is several feet deep in some places, something only their pet Muscovy duck, Bucky, seems to like.
These are the wood stork, common black-hawk, red-shouldered hawk, and the white-tailed hawk (listed as under special protection), and the muscovy duck and military macaw are considered to be endangered (Secretaria de Medic, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, 2002).
59 C auntmnalis + Whistling-Duck Cairina Muscovy Duck PR 0.
Chef Antonishek's roasted Muscovy duck breast ($27) is five-spice flavored, sliced nicely, perhaps a mite past its rarer peak but still quite delicious.
In the organic category, Muscovy Duck from Cambrian Organics, which sells locally reared ducks under its new Cambrian Hills brand, was a gold winner, as was House of Rhug's Home Reared Rhug Organic Lamb.
Eastern Accord (by Accordion), another five-year-old, is out of Muscovy Duck, who we used to train, while another I like is Evidence First (by Overbury).
Maryland crabcakes, mixed grill, sauteed mahi mahi with a lemon caper sauce, Colorado lamb shank and grilled Muscovy duck breast with ginger soy vinaigrette show the scope of this chef's ambitions.
The title comes from a correction highlighted in the book that ran in April 1981: "An article about decorative cooking incorrectly described a presentation of Muscovy duck by Michel Fitoussi, a New York chef.
Glasgow Zoo's Ron, a Muscovy duck, is just as happy to spend all his time preening.
The Reserve provides habitat for more than 100 bird species, including the rare Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) and snail kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis), and the endangered wood stork (Mycteria americana).
Following masterly treatises on The peccary, with observations on the introduction of pigs to the New World (1985) and The muscovy duck, Cairena moschata domestica: origins, dispersal, and associated aspects of the geography of domestication (1989), the trilogy is now completed with Meleagrides: an historical and ethnogeographical study of the guinea fowl (x+157 pages, 31 illustrations, 8 maps.
All one can do is list a few randomly chosen examples, thus, one finds Broodkass identified along with Coffee creamer, Egg spaghetti, Gas law, Lime [material (calcium oxide; quicklime)], Muscovy duck, Pouchong, Semitendinosus, Sugar - preserving, Urase and Wensleydale cheese.
Eryri Vaulters Ffion Pygall, 14, and Leah Greenley, 7, Rhosgadfan Reserve sheep supreme was a Poll Dorset from Roland Davies Jennifer Percival with the Waterfowl champion, a Muscovy Duck Vintage
One such pairing to be presented during the event is a gin, ginger elderflower and rosemary cocktail called "Gentle Reflection" and a Muscovy duck breast with almond-crusted French toast and raisin-apple compote.