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Synonyms for spindle


Synonyms for spindle

(biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division

a piece of wood that has been turned on a lathe

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any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning

any holding device consisting of a rigid, sharp-pointed object


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Animal studies have reported reduced muscle spindle sensitivity in jaw muscles during electrical stimulation of sympathetic nerves [36].
The peripheral problem of localized hyperactivity of the muscle spindle induces rapid modulation in the primary sensory cortex.
As a result, with each additional bounce, the tension and stretch of the muscle increases, stimulating the muscle spindle fibers to contract.
Therefore, determination of muscle spindle responses to the 1mm ramp and hold displacements was conducted in the following order: laminectomy-only, laminectomy & facet screw, laminectomy & facetectomy (Table 2).
The static stretch primarily attempts to avoid exciting the muscle spindle receptor.
Histological demonstration of muscle spindles in the tongue of the rat.
10) Rutten reported on high muscle spindle content in the RCPmi, postulating that the myodural bridges function may to monitor stresses on the cervical dura mater, reflexively preventing infolding.
The reflex latency is the time interval from the impact to the onset of muscle activation and is a good indicator of the muscle spindle sensitivity.
has shown that vibration-induce activation of the muscle spindle receptors is not only limited to the muscle the vibration is applied to, but also affects the neighbouring muscles.
Previous studies have reported that a vibration stimulus is capable of augmenting muscle spindle activity, which causes an excitatory response in the primary endings of noncontracting muscle (Burke et al.
Blocking the release of acetylcholine stops the contraction of the muscle spindle, which in turn stops the pain-spasm-pain cycle and gives the patient relief from a painful posture.
One of these differences is that the discharge rate of Ia afferents from muscle spindles during eccentric contraction is higher than that during other types of muscle contraction, since an eccentric contraction involves the development of tension in the muscle spindle while the whole muscle is being lengthened (Burke, 1978; Ribot-Ciscar and Roll, 1998).
Paraspinal muscle spindle responses to the duration of a spinal manipulation under force control.
Gamma [chi] motorneurons, which transmit impulses to special skeletal muscle fibres, called intrafusal fibres, part of the muscle spindle.