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Gamma [chi] motorneurons, which transmit impulses to special skeletal muscle fibres, called intrafusal fibres, part of the muscle spindle.
The single observer noted the density of elastic and smooth muscle fibres per magnified field.
That's up against folk whose muscle fibres had the genetic equivalent advantage of an Eton education, a fifty grand a year trust fund and an internship at a merchant bank.
The book is well illustrated with electronmicrographs to show some of the latest work in understanding muscle fibres and their mode of contraction.
Consequences of selection for higher growth rate on muscle fibre development in cattle.
Dr Wada said that different types of muscle fibre are suited to different activities.
One-way [chi square] analysis was performed between athletes and controls regarding their frequency distribution of type I and type II muscle fibre diameters.
Although the relation between the WB values and muscle fibre characteristics is unclear (Sazili et al.
If a muscle fibre becomes damaged, the satellite cells become active, start to divide and then fuse with the muscle fibre.
Intramuscular fat and muscle fibre lipid contents in halothane-gene-free pigs fed high or low protein diets and its relation to meat quality.
Muscle formation has been seen as a one-way trip, going from stem cells to myoblasts to muscle fibre, but we were able to get a multi-nucleated muscle fibre to reverse course and separate into individual myoblasts," said Conboy.
Csapo and Olivier Seynnes, another researcher, then compared the muscle fibre length in the women's calf muscles.
Exercise - critical for great results, this makes the body stronger by cramming more muscle fibres into the muscles.
Grade 1: The muscle is stretched causing some small micro tears in the muscle fibres.