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any disease of domestic animals that resembles a plague

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GEORGIA--Brooks Benton, Tracie Brison-Pounds, Sy Brockington, Candice Brooken, Nathan Brooks, Aaronica Clements, Meggie Dant, Bankston Dozier, Benjamin Ford, Jodi Ford, Serika Foreman, Adolphus Graves, Leanne Jamison, Colette Johnson-Williams, Beverly Marshall, Stuart Minor, Mario Mitchell, Jose Morales, Dawn Murrain, Andre Norman, Amy Otto, James Payne, Eric Sellers, Ashley Speights, Annettia Toby, Robert Toole, Dennis Turner
Romaan Murrain, aged five, had great fun with his dad Louis.
According to the analysis results, the murrain of livestock occurred as a result of toxicological poisoning: animal have exceeded content of alkaloids because of hay consumption, where were the poisonous plant.
DESMOND Jaddoo is honest enough to concede there will be no quick fix in the drawn-out hunt for Keith Murrain's executioners.
Exploring myth, magic, and landscape, he discusses stories based on Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology, such as Gawain and the Green Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Excalibur, The Owl Service, and Children of the Stones; the legend of Tristan and Isolde in film; stories of sacrificial nature worship and ancient magical practices in Eye of the Devil, The Wicker Man, and Robin Redbreast; witchcraft in productions like The City of the Dead, Night of the Eagle, Witchcraft, The Witches, Theatre of Death, Witchfinder General, Blood on SatanAEs Claw, Wakewood, and Murrain; the theme of Pan in The Devil Rides Out; classical mythology in The Gorgon and Clash of the Titans; fairies in Photographing Fairies; and the subversive aspect of pagan culture in PendaAEs Fen.
Featuring the mellow but adventurous Mole (Jessica Murrain) and her animal friends Rat (Dominic Rye), Badger (Zara Ramm) and the eccentric Toad (Keiron Self), the story meanders as gently as stream on a lazy summer's day.
We've always strived to make our customers happy and are excited to see the future growth and possibilities with this new expansion," Lia Murrain, Owner and President of 2012 Ltd, said.
Solo de manera reciente ha vuelto a presentarse con la incorporacion de los estudios sobre la institucionalidad, la vigencia del estado de derecho y el ejercicio plural de la democracia (Briceno-Leon, Avila, & Camardiel, 2012) (Mockus, Murrain, & Villa, 2012) (Perez Perdomo, 2016) (Briceno-Leon, 2016).
Must be compelled by signs and judgements dire: Frogs, lice, and flies must all his palace fill With loathed intrusion, and fill all the land; His cattle must of rot and murrain die; Botches and blains must all his flesh emboss, And all his people; thunder mixed with hail, Hail mixed with fire, must rend the Egyptian sky, And wheel on the earth, devouring where it rolls; What it devours not, herb, or fruit, or grain, A darksome cloud of locusts swarming down Must eat, and on the ground leave nothing green; Darkness must overshadow all his bounds, Palpable darkness, and blot out three days; Last, with one midnight-stroke, all the first-born Of Egypt must lie dead ...
Also contributing to this piece were Steve Backman, Database Designs Associates; Heather Gardner-Madras, gardner-madras I strategic creative; Eric Leland of Leland Design; Michelle Murrain, Metacentric Technology Advising; and, Kirill Sokolov of St.
Other design professionals voicing opposition to the proposed skyscrapers include Paul Murrain, an urbanist and until recently an architecture adviser to Prince Charles and Nicholas Boys Smith, former adviser to the chancellor, George Osborne.