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characterized by soft sounds

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As the closing words of the novel imply, the mechanical methodology of deconstruction is unable to obliterate the eternal mysteries: 'The air through which I move is murmurous with absences.
In the same paragraph, Faulkner describes, "the tremulous April night murmurous with the moving of sap and the wet bursting of burgeoning leaf and bud," a contrast from the blooms as "frozen" and the tree as a "drowned woman" (1016).
The most arid stretch is often richest, the hand lifting towards a fig tree from hunger digging and there is water, clear, supple, or there deep in the sand where death sleeps, a murmurous bubbling proclaims the blackness that will ease and burn.
Rain in the glimmering street-- Murmurous, rhythmical beat; Shadows that flicker and fly; Blue of wet road, of wet sky, (Gray in the depths and the heights); Orange of numberless lights, Shapes fleeting on, going by.
Camus continues, "Only the sea, murmurous behind the dingy chequerboard of houses, told of the unrest, the precariousness of all things in this world" (38).