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a low continuous indistinct sound

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Murmurations this week have been reported from Gronant, east of Prestatyn, and Colwyn Bay pier, and as the weather gets colder in eastern Europe this week, more Starlings may move west to join them.
Short distance migrant starlings have returned to Israel forming rare murmurations in the skies after a 20 year absence.
But they are also special and engaging birds and their murmurations when they gather in the sky in flocks of up to a million before coming down to roost are one of the UK's most spectacular wildlife displays.
intricate beasts Cursed the starlings' murmurations Cursed is the
Like the motion of schools of fish or murmurations of starlings, these forms show the connection between organic and inorganic natural systems, no matter how dissimilar.
of my hand behind the very green door, murmurations, projections,
Mercy-harlequin (precipitous aesthetic stone, slabbed) where he was ultra-falling, winged--the Charitable handle, as it polished, she had whispered, "so this is where I am sleeping tonight" / "a plague upon thy city" the steam arising from the spent-pool of the Divine, the cess-ation of murmurations, her hair so ravenly, so unwound, flicked in wild spirals fire-looping through the veins of his hand--"has the sonata been delivered?
a complex intermingling of fact and fable that makes it hard to let the history transpire for us"; so Roper merely alludes vaguely to "threatening murmurations from segregationists" during Wright's visit.
We have spectacles such as 2,000 golden plover performing murmurations like starlings, but with a golden hue as they arrive.
Measures, such as netting, were taken to deter the birds but large swirling flocks - called murmurations - were a common sight at locations across the region.
Lydia Tague, visitor experience officer at RSPB Saltholme, said: "You might have seen the spectacular starling murmurations on wildlife programmes on TV, but nothing beats seeing them in person.
Alongside special commissions for this project from Sweden and Italy, we've teamed up with Ty Cerdd to commission Murmurations by Mark D Boden.
The RSPB also warned that the numbers seen in the murmurations, when the birds gather above roost sites at dusk and fly in patterns before settling down for the night, are also dropping.
Murmurations can see up to 100,000 of the birds gather together with the natural wonder taking place all over the UK.
Measures, such as netting, were introduced to deter the birds, but large swirling flocks - called murmurations - were a common sight at locations across the region.