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a low continuous indistinct sound

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November will see us watching the skies for the return of the annual murmuration.
Many complex systems include members acting together to create orchestrated, coordinated ensembles--with such examples as: neurons in the brain, molecules in a living cell, and starlings in a murmuration.
Her work uproots political and religious iconography to dismantle cultural tropes; take, for example, the animation SpiNN, 2003, which abstracts the hairstyles of gopis (female devotees of Krishna) into a flock of small black silhouettes that swirl around the screen like a murmuration of starlings.
You can have hours of fun exploring the reserves' fascinating natural history, and if you visit during the winter months you can enjoy a special murmuration as the starlings dance across the sky.
30pm each day over Shibdon Pond in Blaydon, Gateshead, observers have been treated to a large and impressive starling murmuration such as the one pictured by Sandie Carter.
It needs one of those oddly beautiful terms of venery, a collective noun like a charm of magpies or a murmuration of starlings.
Murmuration Brendan Duke 7th, 7f 2yo maiden, Curragh, October 11 This stable had a couple of good performers in maidens during the week and this filly was probably the pick of them.
But I dread looking out of my window and, instead of seeing a murmuration of starlings, seeing a buzz of drones.
As a child growing up locally, I remember with great affection the wheeling clouds of starlings above Huddersfield on summer evenings; the whistling and the whirring, the ever-changing patterns as the murmuration rode the warm air above the town.
The inspiration for the element came from a natural avian phenomenon, a murmuration, which is what happens when a large flock of starlings moves in unison, according to the Foundation.
The creation of this team is a result of murmuration, the company's program to crowd-source ideas from workers.
I will be forever grateful to be one little bird in Marian's murmuration.
If those two factors hold in the positive territory, the current bull run may indeed turn into a big virtuous murmuration.