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Synonyms for murkiness

absence or deficiency of light

Synonyms for murkiness

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

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We are worried that the continuing fear mongering will only entrap us in the murkiness of race politics that has impeded our progress for far too long.
Tadena shoot 'Smaller' constantly in confined spaces, in blind corners, in the murkiness of artificial half-light.
This may all leave the UO and Halls momentarily content, but the murkiness about what's true and what's not isn't cutting it with people who care about the university and the future of the festival.
Thanks to solid cinematography, the underwater scenes are at least compelling in their abyssal murkiness. Fluid camerawork glides through the water in such a way that we're constantly on edge thinking a shark is just about to emerge from the depths, though Roberts relies on jump scares less than you might expect.
With respect to international law there is no murkiness at all: US actions in Syria are flatly illegal," Jatras said.
They have poor water pressure, thin curtains, worn-out toilets, not remotely enough woodland to properly get lost in, forest lodges that are no more than garden sheds on stilts, lots of stuff that isn't any way near enough to other stuff, the audacity to serve tinned sweetcorn in their vegetarian curries (imagine!), "murkiness", on account of having lodges close to rivers, and, most importantly, if you like your half-term mini-breaks restful, are more often a vision of hell on earth, being full of screaming kids.
Kerry's statement and the rebuttal by the Department of State added more murkiness to the controversial US-Russian deal, which has not yet been officially presented in written form to the Riyadh-backed Higher Negotiating Council.
That bit of murkiness aside, it's clear that the Cushman company's early focus was on 2-cycle vertical marine engines (promoted as "the valveless, cussless motor") and their later adaptation to stationary and automotive use.
That murkiness of outlook was largely reflective of what was sometimes seen as an effort to impose Solvency II type regulation on the U.S.
One of the more interesting elements of the book is its detailed exploration of the apparent murkiness of what one might call the specific rationality for many of the magical practices John regards as belonging to the realm of possible human knowledge.
Continue reading "Radical Islamism, Postmodernism, and the Threat of Moral Murkiness" at...
The Turkish Parliament is where we should be questioning the dangerous murkiness of these policies.
Naroff raised concerns about the murkiness of the Chinese picture.
Well, I say shining, there is a gloomy magnificence and murkiness to this and it looks superb.
LeClair skillfully brings the setting into the mind's eye with wonderfully descriptive detail: "The sky had turned a freshly minted shade of blue, as if the hurricane had wrung any murkiness out of it." The characters come alive with shifting eyes, mean set jaws, and faces drained of color.