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Synonyms for murkiness

absence or deficiency of light

Synonyms for murkiness

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

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Making heartbreaking choices about continuation of treatment versus organ donation is aided by accurate information about the biology-even acknowledging the murkiness in our current biological definition of death.
Noir," this exceptionally well-cast series nearly chokes on its own murkiness, and initially indulges in talky interludes that exhaust tolerance for period jargon.
And Neil says his greatest fear is the murkiness of the river as a result of the silt which will prevent him from seeing what lies beneath him as the tide recedes and the water becomes more shallow.
Theo's presence adds trouble and murkiness to Emaline's satisfied life and leads her to question everything she once believed.
Of particular note for retail pharmacy operators is the murkiness that surrounds the ACA's plan to badge the gap in prescription drug coverage for senior citizens under Medicare.
This quantitative murkiness casts doubt about the reliability of qualitative claims, especially in his discussion of African American views of suicide.
On top of the potentially explosive dispute over the election is murkiness over the latest health scare of the 84-year-old former President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted in Egypt's uprising last year and is now serving a life sentence in prison.
Michael Gregory at BMO Capital Markets noted the murkiness of the economic picture, and said some of the ebbing momentum could be due to an unseasonably mild winter.
With its rippling arpeggios alternating between D minor and E-flat minor, "Swamp Creature," vividly evokes the swirling murkiness of a swamp.
In our view, it is likely that some murkiness and confusion will continue to reign in this area of the law and that the plaintiffs' bar with the encouragement of the Labor Department will continue to bring cases until the application of the Moench standard is sorted out by the Supreme Court.
Such is the sewer-like murkiness of all this affair it's difficult to know who should be investigating whom.
Adding to the murkiness are the social media apps contained in vendor-specific app stores, which also have search applications.
There was murkiness on how the matter could be brought back up.
This is unprecedented confusion and undoubtedly the murkiness will cause us all to be conservative," says Scott Malaney, president and CEO of Blanchard Valley Health System, Findlay, Ohio.
Glasgow's murkiness and history are a folly for the protagonist who pines for Canada when whisky and headbutts (known as a Glasgow kiss) make his brain ache.