murder mystery

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a narrative about a murder and how the murderer is discovered

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The murder mystery theme was created by Emma Greenough from The Welcome Centre while the Mobsters and Molls theme came from The Pierrot Players, a drama group that specialise in murder mysteries.
Punctuated by shoddy writing, collective bad acting, cliched dialogues and juvenile sub plots, this murder mystery is likely to push any unsuspecting viewer to stage a walkout even before the killer is revealed.
A murder mystery night is taking place at Brockley Hall Hotel, above
The murder mystery cruise events invite passengers to solve a case as it unfolds before their eyes.
In Working Boys - A Midnight Murder Mystery, Part II, continue following the lives Madeline Bennett, Bradley, and Marty as they work together to catch the Black Marble Murderer, who targets middle-aged, muscular gay men.
I am guessing my thirteen-year-old self had just seen the movie Clue or that murder mystery episode of Saved by the Bell.
Heartwarming moments involving a litter of stray puppies and kittens the Crozats find on their property also lend some breathing space to the frenetic pace of the murder mystery.
Director Stephen Duckham says: "The combination of a very funny musical comedy and a murder mystery makes this Broadway show appealing on a number of levels.
A host of characters quickly become involved in a murder mystery steeped in historical background, conflicts, and politics.
With one team of around eight collating their information, I realise I have more chance of bumping into Hercule Poirot than winning the country's only officially licensed Agatha Christie Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Experience.
A fine murder mystery with satisfyingly complex twists of plot makes for a wonderful read
The one thing the reader should know is that this isn't a standard murder mystery but a blended horror/mystery cozy.
The murder mystery event is one of a series of celebrations across the West Midlands for World Book Night.
This approach keeps readers interested, capturing attention first through probing the emotionally-charged personality of an abusive director and then by offering a series of clues that embrace the essence of a murder mystery puzzle along with insights into motivations on all sides.
The Murder Mystery Evening transports guests back to 1943 as they join the Lord Provost for a VIP party in honour of one of Edinburgh's greatest heroes, Victor Stanforth.