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a painter of murals

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The project blends Mexico's rich history of muralists with what can loosely be called interactive or performance art on the 1,954-mile (3,126-kilometer) US-Mexico border.
Naveen Shakil is a self-taught muralist, artist and graphic designer whose process begins with a mural which she then translates on to a canvas.
She is a decorative artist and a muralist. During her one-and-a-half-year stay in Qatar, she has found enough inspiration and sees ample opportunities to make her mark.
These intricate murals are beach-based works of art created by local sand muralist Marc Treanor.
"As a gifted muralist, visionary illustrator, experienced arts teacher and renowned painter and professional artist for over 30 years, Shel has created a catalogue of visual beauty that encompasses the spiritual as well as the physical," says Isabella Samovsky, cofounder and business manager of Spirit Within Art.
The artwork was created by internationally celebrated muralist Addonis Parker.
Muro is a Spanish word meaning "wall" and there never was a more accurate name for a muralist and illustrator who spends most of his time painting walls with an immaculate style, sometimes covering whole facades of buildings.
It discusses her training as a painter with Hans Burkhardt and her overlap and departure from the Mexican muralist tradition, and the relationship of her work within the context of a history of dissent associated with civil rights movements and urban uprisings and aesthetic and social hierarchies.
French 3D muralist Etien is a versatile artist who has created works ranging from street art to commercial art.
Damascus, SANA - Muralist, Fida Mansour, is known for painting his most recent piece, the 50 m long and 2 m high mural featuring the historic Syrian-Chinese relations for thousands of years.
Fordham, a former portrait painter and muralist, has stated that he is excited to give life to a long-form visual medium, the statement quoted.
It takes place over 10 days, from today until Sunday, July 24 There will be all sorts of performances including theatre productions, a UK premiere of the work of one of Cairo's foremost artists, a highly-acclaimed Egyptian muralist, a boundary-breaking electronic hip hop Dabke band and a group whose singer fled from the Iraqi war.
Don Masse continues his "Alive and Kicking" series with "Round and Round" this time focusing on muralist and designer, Matt W.
Artist Kahlo's Mexican home changed from the time of its construction at the turn of the 20th century to her death, as it was renovated, expanded, and reflected the artistry and taste of Kahlo and her husband, muralist Diego Rivera.
Rfiti artist, activist and muralist Asim Butt, which encompasses the prolific body of work that he produced during his career, cut short by an early death at the age of 32.