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in a generous manner

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Most of them were munificently welcomed by these courts and attained important posts there.
On its part, the State of Qatar has always munificently acknowledged the services rendered by the expatriate communities in the development of the country, and actively worked to facilitate them in multifarious ways.
So, as a result, of munificently doshed-out funding which has somehow been found, events are proliferating country-wide in celebration of this London-centric extragavanza, and this Bank Holiday sees a huge cultural olympiad event taking over Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter (some possible compensation for its traders not receiving any medal-making orders) on Sunday.
India should munificently roll out its markets but push for a permanent seat in the Security Council.
Although we certainly have outrageous failures of government policy to deal with at the moment, Geithner seemed to be steamed at the AIG board for approving a compensation arrangement that paid out so munificently for such spectacularly disastrous results.
Jack Foltyn doesn't exactly resemble Elvis Presley, and he may incorporate a few moves in his feverishly gyrating routines that would have been censored 40 or 50 years ago, but he unequivocally embodies the munificently entertaining spirit of the King.
Virtually every entry of the OED munificently displays quotations of real historical usage, often derived from the works of the great writers in the language--Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Pope.
The intricate, light-filled lattice of the lucky yellow roof (which changes to lucky red in the domestic part) soars munificently above the traveller pilgrims who cluster around the checkpoints, seeking state benefaction.
It opens with an historical review of planning experiences in Quebec by Marc-Urbain Proulx, who is widely read in that province but less well known in the rest of Canada, and Proulx has munificently provided his paper in English.
I demurred to tiffs view on the ground that the great fortunes of England has passed away from the class which possessed the valuable works of art, that on the Continent most rich men were more ardent collectors than the new rich men in England, that the Continental Museums--that of Berlin especially--were more munificently subsidised than are our National Museums, and that consequently our artistic treasures must necessarily gravitate, and were actually gravitating, into foreign hands.
The Sandersons had been appointed bela's sole inheritors and Vehicule's director, Simon Dardick, had munificently agreed to store the precious boxes comprising the artist's legacy.
Stevenson--a text Stone so munificently loved) and the envy of the rest of the holy lands of jurisprudential thought through the world
This off-the-rack approach to creation is sometimes munificently presumed to constitute a "comment" on the character's mindset or on the society that generates it, even when the absence of the writer's own critical faculties makes it seem less a comment than a symptom.
Paul Getty, junior, and Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza contributed munificently to the purchase.
When he was eight, J"rgen was accepted into the school of the Royal Swedish Ballet and for the next decade became part of a munificently funded state opera-house culture.