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the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

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Jonathan Walker Political Editor jon.walker@trinitymirror.comThe journey from the mundanity of Birmingham suburb to the battle-ground of Syria had taken as little as three daysLiam Byrne relating the story of Tareena Shakil
Each one speaks out to be seen and heard, bearing witness to the mundanity of suffering experienced by those whose presence was ubiquitous yet erased in the official histories of the War Between the States.
3.25 Warwick Local Parking Security Ltd Handicap Chase 2m41/2f RUK Card page 32 THREE jumps meetings on the third day of the Flat turf season is incongruous but the usual Monday mundanity has been avoided by a jewel of a PS25,000 Class 2 handicap chase.
Nevertheless, we are forced to confront the mundanity of our individual and collective lives, where money provides no easy panacea.
As she says, she is not interested in rocking the boat for any of her lovers; she simply wants the fun without the mundanity of married life.
A laugh-out-loud send-up of Chris Martin and Co, called Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now, gives the chance for Benn to vent some spleen about the mundanity of modern life, but it's on his closing passionate defence of the BBC that he really hits full flow.
When Cyd discovers that online garners can create a whole new identity and escape mundanity for unabashed nerdiness, she may never come back to the real world.
Shouting Down the Silence is particularly good at delineating the mundanity that's required when forging a living as an experimental artist.
Schultz effortlessly nails the smothering mundanity of office work and her observations--peppered with the "dewy thatches, tender nubs and downy notches, hard heats and rock-rigid sexes," through which Gordon must grind--are hilarious.
Despite its utter mundanity, sleep resists simple scientific explanation.
Webb alternates his story between the mundanity of Leon's mayoral race against House and the lurid memories of warfare that the two experience.
Blending stoicism, comedy, and bittersweet tragedy, these short tales offer a glimpse of the human condition, and range in setting from the mundanity of daily life to the workings of a divine bar in Paradise.
Could it be that at the same time that we look at the lifestyles of the rich and famous, envying their huge houses and supermodel wives, they are looking back at us and envying our mundanity? Could it be that Bono wants to give up the mansions, the millions and the minions to spend a couple of weeks with the little people?
For both characters, the fixation begins as an escape--from mundanity, from poverty, from heteronormativity.