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the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

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Shouting Down the Silence is particularly good at delineating the mundanity that's required when forging a living as an experimental artist.
Schultz effortlessly nails the smothering mundanity of office work and her observations--peppered with the "dewy thatches, tender nubs and downy notches, hard heats and rock-rigid sexes," through which Gordon must grind--are hilarious.
Despite its utter mundanity, sleep resists simple scientific explanation.
Webb alternates his story between the mundanity of Leon's mayoral race against House and the lurid memories of warfare that the two experience.
IeCOm generally a happy person, and I have a stable and solid home life, but IeCOm also an emotional fool who has a tendency to over-empathise or romanticise the sadness of mundanity to a point where it inevitably finds a voice in my music.
This is the history that matters: a record of lives that were lived in all their protean mundanity, and Parsons gets just as excited about interpreting the 18 centuries old deletion of a name from Town Council minutes, or translating a schoolmaster's complaints about his lousy pay, as about uncovering a lost Sappho verse, or fresh fragments of Euripides.
Blending stoicism, comedy, and bittersweet tragedy, these short tales offer a glimpse of the human condition, and range in setting from the mundanity of daily life to the workings of a divine bar in Paradise.
For both characters, the fixation begins as an escape--from mundanity, from poverty, from heteronormativity.
In the first, airy, daylit room, for example, we were able to see in one glance environments as varied as Anish Kapoor's hypnotic oversize white ear trumpet; Urs Fischer's series of glass-andwood boxes, suspended in a state of semi-completion; and James Casebere's photograph of hospital beds stacked chaotically in a cell-like space, the mundanity of the subject intensified by the diffuse gray light that permeates the work.
All week long, say the faithful, there are friendly, fascinating people to meet, bizarrely beautiful and unexpected art to appreciate, all in an environment radically unlike the mundanity of everyday civilization.
He sought to find the essential truths of the world in the brief moments of mundanity, and strove to show how a philosophical approach to the "life-world" could illuminate the workings of literature and science alike.
Alas, what followed were years of underinvestment, frequent managerial changes, embarrassing performances on the field, the sale of our best kids, mid-table mundanity and radio silence from Hong Kong.
Bill Backshall, Lydiate Evening Spectacle RED glowing nimbus casting its brilliance afar Imbuing houses, streets and pavements alike With a deep burnished radiance Buildings become transformed as if by magic Into red-gold palaces Windows shimmer jewel-like For a brief transient moment All too soon the vision becomes hazy; opaque Watered by mist and black-edged cotton wool The glowing nimbus is a spent force Houses, streets return to mundanity Dull brown, slate grey, blackened stone The magic has ceased L.
Brie Larson, right, manages to convey both the mundanity and horror of her character's life in a breakout performance