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Synonyms for mundane

Synonyms for mundane

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

Synonyms for mundane

found in the ordinary course of events

concerned with the world or worldly matters

belonging to this earth or world


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Forget about that weekly moment of mild excitement when one of the housemates has to leave - concentrate on all the mundanities we are served up instead.
With this project, Denton Corker Marshall prove adept at making urban poetry out of the mundanities of civil engineering.
The Yorkshire satirist has become renowned for his observational wit and deadpan delivery while observing the mundanities, nuances and eccentricities of modern life over the past two decades.
But, for all these hilarious traits, for all his brilliant gags, and for the surreal humour which emanates from a man with a truly unique outlook on the mundanities of life, it's now so unsettlingly clear that it's all an act.
Particularly not one who, like his dad, is mostly untroubled by the mundanities of supermarket visits.
In television similar examples can be found in the comedies Early Doors ( written around a close-knit local boozer ( and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, about young people finding humour amid the mundanities of work at a high street bakery and karaoke in the pub.
But we have now increased our support, either through helping young people with the mundanities of moving out or giving them financial support.
The city continues to produce excellent acts, surprising audiences with a fresh look on world events,everyday mundanities and society in general.
Such a wilful expose of the mundanities of construction is undoubtedly disarming, yet also strangely compelling; moreover it aptly evokes the evolution of the building.
Over the past several years, Fred Tomaselli has introduced otherworldly, mind-altering experiences into his art, transporting the viewer far from the mundanities of conscious perception.
It is not something which matters much among the mundanities of subsistence living and its effects are only really keenly felt during large sporting events or foreign holidays, but it's at times like these, when things are bad at home and it would be good to make some new friends, when that social awkwardness can prove a bit of a hindrance.