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a chewer who makes a munching noise

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The Mono EZstrip TR Muncher was designed specifically to provide efficient maceration of abrasive sludges in this type of application.
Metal Muncher AMT cutters feature sharp profiles with chip breaking features to control cutting size and shape, enabling efficient cutting removal and debris management.
Memon: The Muncher is a waste reduction system that is much faster, greener and more cost-effective than any waste management technology currently in use.
The musical is set within Lazy Daisy Village where everything is clean and tidy until their reliable Litter Muncher becomes too tired to collect litter.
The company is closely connected with education through the work of the Cookie Munchers Charitable Trust.
Properly prepped material will ensure the most productive crushing process by eliminating bridging; numerous muncher and shear attachments are available to ensure that feed material is well prepped.
99 per month and Muncher includes unlimited monthly download capacity and costs GBP29.
Muncher kudos to Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell.
A new line of Muncher reclaim extruders for unwound film, foam, and other irregular in-plant scrap comes from Munchy International Ltd.
Lucky crisp muncher Helena Dyer has climbed into the driving seat of the pounds 15,000 car she won just by opening a packet of the snacks.
is the biggest paper muncher, accounting for 33 percent of all printed material.
But these authentic elements are misleading and totally out of place in a movie that is basically a twisted take on the male fantasy of (to use the language of the film) "deep-dicking" a hot, manfriendly "carpet muncher.
Pallet Muncher helps get rid of wooden pallets that take up floor space.
Metal Muncher products--4000 have been produced since 1969--will continue to be manufactured by an independent contractor in Kansas; marketing will move to Clausing's Kalamazoo headquarters; and after-sales service and support will be transferred to the new owner's service center in Goshen, Ind.
Games girls like most (frequently played): Jeopardy, Fraction Muncher, Number Muncher, Game Show and Word Challenge.