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meaningless ceremonies and flattery

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They needed little to release the accumulated pressure of static nerve force which the terrorizing mummery of the witch-doctor had induced.
Local councillor Alun Mummery said: "The tower has been shut for over three years now.
In science, the teams of Carlijn Bouten (TUE), Harry Buhrman (CWI/UvA), Marileen Dogterom (TUD) and Christine Mummery (LUMC) are granted 18.
He spoke about the postmortem techniques, cattle necropsy, meat hygiene, papillary light reflex pathway, integrity of nerves, mummery gland tumour, anatomy, skin, muscles, spay and neuter anatomy, reproduction anatomy, histology, microbiology, rabies/dog bites, epidemiology, clinical procedure etc.
Glyn Mummery, partner at FRP Advisory, said: "The high street has turned a corner and is re-emerging after four years of significant store culling, in a fitter albeit leaner shape with retailers having to cope with a new norm of tougher operating margins but boosted by a return in consumer confidence and spending power helped by cheaper fuel costs.
Mummery is a faculty member of the Leiden University, The Netherlands.
FRP Advisory partner Glyn Mummery said: "Sadly the demise of all these formats has been equally rapid as the world has moved at an even faster pace online thanks to the digitisation of all forms of content.
Glyn Mummery, partner at FRP Advisory, said: "The UK high street has reached a tipping point.
One appeal judge, Sir John Mummery, said: "To allow a registration so lacking in specificity, clarity and precision of visual appearance would offend against the principle of certainty.
It was the second collection they produced after being signed by Elektra, the iconic label whose roster ranged from traditional folk to acid rock, and they occupied a unique niche somewhere in the middle, stirring in elements of medieval mummery and Eastern mysticism and employing an arsenal of weird and wonderful instruments to embrace world music long before the term had been coined.
meetings in Brussels are shame and mummery, vice-speaker of the parliament, press-secretary of the Republican Party of Armenia
Three lifetime achievement awards were handed out to Merthyr football stalwart Clive Barsi, Llanfairpwll's Alun Mummery and Denbigh golf guru Bruce Carlyle, who have all dedicated 50 years to community sport.
Hannah Mummery, energy expert for Consumer Focus, said: "People clearly need to be given fair warning if prices are going to go up, not told months after the event.
Jeremy French and Glyn Mummery, partners at FRP Advisory LLP, the national specialist restructuring, recovery and insolvency firm with offices in Hornchurch, Essex, were appointed Joint Administrators.
Lord Justice Mummery emphasised the seriousness of Lord's and Johal's allegations.